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Tips to Help You Not to Look Like a Tourist

If you are travelling to a different country for sightseeing, it is very important that you should avoid looking like a tourist because locals of the place will try to take advantage of your ignorance regarding the place and its … Continue reading

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Essential Items to Pack for Your Honeymoon

You are young and madly in love and after a few dates, you both decide to get married – a fruitful culmination of your strong feelings and emotional bond. Planning for your wedding and the actual ceremony can indeed be … Continue reading

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Have Some Scary Fun This Halloween at Hotels

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. The evolution of the Halloween custom can be traced back to the Celtic belief that the border between this world and the “Otherworld” … Continue reading

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How Much Should You Tip at 5 Star Hotels in London

Although it is customary to tip at London 5 star hotels and for other services in different aspects of life in the UK, the practice is quite controversial as different people have different views about it. There are many people … Continue reading

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How to Visit Iceland on a Low Budget

Although London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is possible to visit the capital of England on a tight budget, provided you know where to stay, what to eat and how to commute. Similarly, Iceland … Continue reading

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Staying in Luxurious Hotel Suites is Sheer Bliss

Staying in luxurious hotel suites is an exhilarating experience that has to be experienced to be believed. You will get the feel that you are in the seventh heaven of delight resting in the lap of luxury and being completely … Continue reading

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Useful Tips on How to Spend Your December Vacation

If you have been slogging away in order to stay afloat in this highly competitive world, you must surely be looking forward to December when you can take a vacation and club it with the Christmas and New Year holidays … Continue reading

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Recipe for a Successful Group Travel

Many people like to travel solo but they are vastly outnumbered by those who prefer to travel in a group. However, group travel has its own pitfalls that can be avoided if planned correctly and with a bit of understanding, … Continue reading

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Knowing how much cost is involved when travelling to London with children

Often navigating through the various means of public transportation and the tickets and rates you are entitled to is a difficult and demanding procedure, especially in a busy city like London. However, by knowing a little more information than your … Continue reading

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Holidaying in Europe at Christmas time

Winter is a delightful time to take a city break, not only will all of the shops be decked out in Christmas finery, but coffee shops will offer delicious seasonal specials that simply must be taken advantage of. Whether you … Continue reading

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