10 staycation ideas for the summer


While holidays are a great way to get a break, you can also enjoy a break at home. There seems to be a growing tendency for us to view luxury holidays as a way of finding peace, joy, and excitement. And while a holiday does bring out those experiences in us, the real way to find greater happiness in our lives is to make our home life extraordinary – making it a place we can envision resting in – just as much as working in.

Even though cities such as London, who offer a diverse portfolio of luxury holidays (including The Montcalm London city at the Brewery hotel) do offer majestic holidays – we believe you can find some peace and contentment from the comforts of your own home. After all, as it’s commonly said; there’s no place like home. So while an accommodation near brewery road would be great, it’s not necessary per say.

For many, they aren’t able to fathom the idea of enjoying a break at home, consistently feeling the urge to escape to new horizons throughout the year. And if you include yourself in that category, we have some tips for an ideal staycation.

Sunset Lake
For one, plan for fun! The more you plan for fun, the likelier your staycation will be so. Meaning, you’ll want to set a budget for your station – just the same way you would if you were going holiday. While the change in environment is the biggest reason why people enjoy their holidays, the second biggest reason is because they splurge on the things they want. And you don’t have to go away to do that…

So, with your budget set, also allocate some time to figure out what you will do during your staycation. Whether it’s visiting a nearby national park, booking some paintballing or laser tag, or visit the nearby zoos and aquariums. There is a myriad of options, and while it might not seem that way at first, we just need to pull the wool from our eyes so to speak – and see the possibilities that lie waiting for us in our home town.

Otherwise, you can stay at home, and make it a true staycation. In the time, you can tackle a family project such as painting or building something. Or if you’d prefer, you can use two days to be by yourself, by visiting a beauty parlour and spa, before following it up with a visit to the local art gallery.

Whatever you end up doing, what matters is the sentiment you go into your staycation with. Make yourself feel that you’re truly on holiday, and negate all your home responsibilities for a weekend – and see how it truly makes you feel.