10 Tips to improve your travel experience


1. Wash your clothes in the sink, the shower or bath. Instead of wearing the same underwear over and over, or waste your time finding a laundrette, do some washing in your hotel room. 5 star Boutique Hotels in London offer complimentary toiletries.

2. Learn to say no. You don’t always have to smile or say “yes” to everything, especially if you are in crowded markets where locals are vying for your business. Shake your head and say no, and your will find more peace.

3. Carry baby wipes. You may not be travelling with an infant, but baby wipes are fantastic items to have with you for cleaning your hands and everything else.

4. Learn to pack light. Not bringing anything unnecessary and wearing the same outfit more than once will go a long way towards keeping your luggage light. Believe it or not, you will be a lot happier not having to deal with heavy bags, especially if transport proves a challenge in your destination.

5. Call your bank in advance. Let your bank know where you are going before you leave, or risk having to spend your precious holiday moments ringing them from abroad.

6. Eat where the locals eat. You don’t always have to do what the guidebooks say. If you see a restaurant packed with locals, the chances are it’s a good place to eat – even if it’s not featured in your travel guide!

7. Locate the embassy. You could be in a country deemed relatively safe, but you will just never know when you may need the services of an embassy. Locate their address on Google and take it with you for peace of mind.

8. Get your vaccinations up to date. Serious illnesses such as Malaria and Yellow Fever can ruin your holiday, not to mention the risk to your life.

9. Scan your passport. Scan and distribute your travel documents to family and friends, in case of emergency whilst you’re on your travels.

10. Know the scams. Whether it’s to keep an eye on the taxi fare, or to ignore unsolicited advice, it is a good idea to know how to avoid falling into traps of con-artists.