25 top attractions for all the family in London


London is a wonderful place that you can visit and appreciate at any time of the year, it is a place that during the summer it is fun and bright, during the winter it is snug and magical. Now that the summer is leaving us and we have the winter seasons to look forward we can also expect much enjoyment and celebrations throughout the winter months.

Winter in London is celebrated, with Halloween on the approach and Guy Fawkes shortly afterwards, it goes without saying that London really comes alive. Once the celebrations of London living is over then it is the countdown to Christmas that is on the horizon. With Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland being one of the most famous seasonal attractions, it is a fun and exciting time that all the family can enjoy, with hot foods, carnival rides and market stalls, not to mention the ice skating. There is laughter and fun to be had for the whole family, and as it runs through January you have plenty of time to prepare for the magical ice kingdom which show cases some wonderful ice sculptures, and the acrobatic wonders of shows at Zippos Circus and Cirque Bererk.

Between fall and the wide famous New Year London celebrations you can expect; excitement at the West End including productions such as; Mamma Mia, The Lion King, which coincidently has been named the best show in the world, bringing in more than The Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserable, Lord Of The Dance, Jersey Boys, Evita, Cats, Billy Elliot, Sweeny Todd, Wicked, Wind in the Willows and White Christmas amongst many more exciting and thrilling theatre performances. There are many festivals also for you to enjoy, the London Literature Festival 2014 is back, it brings together an international line up of poets, authors and speakers who all get together to celebrate the power of words and the impact words have on life. Photo month which happens to run over the course of two months is a very popular event. This enormous festival of photography broad casts exhibitions, talks and workshops throughout East London, if photography is your thing then this is defiantly a must see. The Festival of heat which opened last year is returning this year, if chilli and spice is your thing then you must experience this festival, is back by demand as over 3500 people attended last year, don’t miss out this year. For the film addicts you shouldn’t miss out of the film festivals that are up and coming.

There is so much for the whole family to enjoy and experience throughout the fall months, not only are there some specific attractions that have been mentioned, but do not forget the natural history museum, the science museum, V & A, they are all wonderful experiences that are open all through the year. If you are looking for something a little more cultural then you can head toward MoMA, London arts galleries, these are all wonderful experiences and ideas if the weather turns bad, you can still enjoy fall in London no matter what the weather, there is always something for the whole family to be able to do and take part in.

London is the number one capital city for a reason, it is a wonderful place all year through and when it comes to Fall this is when you can really see the magic move and the atmosphere change directions, the summer ends and the winter isn’t quite here but this wonderful season allows for you to witness the transition and taking sometime out and taking a walk through the famous royal parks will allow for you to see the beauty that is a bouts to unfold. The excitement is starting to creep in and the entertainment really starts, many people are under the miss conception that London is for the summer, whilst some might stick by this assertion others will tell you that the true time that London comes to life is through the Fall. So just book your stay online at The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City and lay back enjoying the super holidays in London this fall.

To conclude it is fair to say that there are a number of things going on throughout the capital city during Fall, it is an exciting place that all the family can enjoy, there is something on that will surely spark the interest of everyone, so no matter what you fancy or what your interest maybe you should make sure that you spend some time in London, but don’t forget your hats and gloves the later it gets, and if you are fortunate enough to join the hundreds of thousands of people to see out the fall and the year for that fact then you will be in for a real delight, spending time on London bridge watching the live fireworks is a very memorable experience that you will not forget, even though this is something that the whole family can enjoy it would be recommended to take older children as the noise and excitement can be a little over whelming for younger children. See the year out with a bang.