5 star hotels are an attraction of London


It wouldn’t be an over statement if one says 5 star accommodation in London is one of the attractions of the city. Staying at a five star hotel in London is an experience whose memory could be cherished for rest of the life. Today’s London is a gorgeous modern city but the English capital is known for its long history of imperialism. Majestic mood still prevails in London and glimpses of royal traditions, gratitude and other practices still survive in some of the five star accommodation properties in London that have been offering hospitality to visitors for over a century.

Yes, a hotel offering 5 star accommodation in London is not only a home where one can enjoy ultimate level of luxury and comfort. It is a place that introduces visitors with traditional English hospitality. The century old deluxe hotels still feature Victorian age furniture which speaks about British craftsmanship of the bygone eras while the exterior and interior designing stand as specimens of traditional British architecture and art.

The modern five star hotels in London are completely different. They are stunning buildings with glamour overflowing from every corner. They are completely contemporary in everything, starting from settings, furniture, interior decoration and amenities. The level of luxury is far more in the modern hotels since they are equipped modern-day facilities like spa and wellness center. They however, lack the touch of imperialism.

But all hotels offering 5 star Accommodation near Brewery Road London City
are same at one point. They all ensure absolute convenience for guests. To meet the changed needs of visitors, the heritage 5 star hotels have replaced old amenities with the new like computers, Broadband internet access and satellite channels on LCD TV.