5 Unique Ways to Spend a Sunday in London

sunday in london

One of the great things about London is that it’s always moving. Even on a Sunday this city never stops, which is good news for you! You don’t have to worry about twiddling your thumbs on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, waiting for the world to be brought back to life on Monday morning. Take advantage of all the special things London has to offer on Sundays. Whether you want to take it easy with a lazy-day stroll around a park, or you want to explore some of the city’s biggest attractions – London is still your oyster!

Don’t know where to start looking? We’ve provided a quick and easy guide on the top things to do in London on a Sunday. So, without further ado, here is our list of 5 unique way spend your Sunday in London! Enjoy.

1. Westminster Abbey :-

Westminster Abbey, located in the heart of London, is one of the most impressive churches in the world. The gorgeous Gothic building is steeped in centuries worth of English history…. and certainly has a few stories to tell. You may recognize this building as the cathedral where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married back in 2011, or you may know it as the holy church where the new King or Queen of England is coroneted. Every monarch since William the Conqueror has been crowned at Westminster Abbey. Take yourself to a Sunday prayer session at Westminster Abbey, or go for a stroll around the grounds. Soak in the views of gorgeous stain glass windows, statues, murals, and paintings that adorn the inside of this truly majestic building.

Westminster Abbey

During your next Sunday in London, take yourself down to the atmospheric Westminster Abbey and see some of the most impressive Church architecture the world has to offer.

2. Markets :-

Several of London’s famous markets are open 7 days a week. With this in mind, having a stroll through one of London’s bustling market fairs is a great way to spend your Sunday in the city. Get down to Old Spitalfields Market, near Liverpool Street, and transport yourself back in time. This is London’s oldest market (open for over 300 years) and it’s a fantastic place to soak in the Ye Olde spirit of yesteryear.

London shopping street

Another great North London market, that’s open on a Sunday, is Camden Market. This market is a paradise for those with a desire for edgier and punkier merchandise. Camden is home of everything alternative, making it a fascinating place to visit. If you’re looking for a market with a difference, this is the place to go.

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3. Rooftop Cinema Club :-

rooftop cinema

Watching a classic film on a rooftop in Central London is great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially if you are visiting during the summer months. From timeless classics to new releases, the Rooftop Cinema Club’s film screenings offer a vast range of cinematic delights. Sit back, relax, and let Rooftop Cinema Club do all the work.

4. Shopping :-

Shoreditch in london

Use your Sunday to partake in a glamorous shopping spree! Central London is filled with shopping hotspots that will guarantee a satisfying and fruitful shopping excursion like no other. Oxford Circus is one of the busiest shopping districts in Europe and has over 150 retail shops that will satiate all your retail desires. If you’re looking for somewhere a little more edgy, Carnaby Street is just around the corner from Oxford Circus. Carnaby Street was the forefront of British counterculture during the swinging 60s, giving it its legacy as one of the hippest places in London. Nowadays, it is still a hub for forward-thinking fashion and subversive music. Discover the emerging fashion stars of the world at Carnaby Street. If you’re looking for a giant-mega-mall-of-the-future kind of place, we’d recommend visiting Westfields. This gigantic mall is a shopping paradise home to over 300 shops, bars and restaurants. Now that’s impressive!

5. Greenwich Park :-

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more laid back to do during your Sunday in the city? If that’s the case, why not take yourself to one of London’s amazing parks? All of them are incredible, but today we’ve chosen to talk about Greenwich Park. Why? Greenwich Park is a refreshing green reserve that has an amazing view of London from across the river perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Soak in the views and read a book under a shady tree.

Greenwich parks

Or if you’re looking to add a bit of quirk to your Sunday afternoon, Greenwich Park is home to the Royal Observatory, one of the best space museums in the country! Take a trip into the stars above and learn about the galaxy we live in. There’s an incredible planetarium presentation that runs throughout the day as well. We’d highly recommend visiting this impressive dome which teaches you about all the planets and how they work.

Down by the river there’s also The National Maritime Museum, which is the biggest museum of its kind in the world. This museum explores Britain’s exploration of the sea, championing past navy heroes and examining the future of our sea’s ecosystem.

And there you have it, the top 5 things to do in London on a Sunday. London is fascinating place to explore 7 days a week. Most museums, art galleries, and other special attractions will be open on a Sunday, so don’t feel that your curiosity to see and experience new things has to be silenced during this day.

Get yourself a picnic ready and relax in the park, or get yourself a ticket to the Rooftop Cinema Club’s latest release, or travel into the galaxy with the help of Greenwich Park’s planetarium.

What are you waiting for?