8 Common misconceptions about hotels

Hotel staff making the room

1. Weekend stays are always more expensive.

While it is true that many hotels charge higher rates on weekends, this is not always the case. It largely depends on the clientele that the accommodation serves. For example, a hotel that caters mainly for business travellers would experience higher demand during weekdays compared with weekends, therefore pushing up prices for those busier times.

2. Each guest is given fresh bedding.

The common perception that bedding is changed after each guest is actually false. In fact, what normally happens is that housekeepers make an assessment of the bed linen, blankets and top covers and change only the items that look soiled.

3. Bathrooms or showers get the least amount of cleaning.

Housekeepers actually focus their cleaning on bathrooms and showers, despite the popular belief that these are likely to be the dirtiest places in a hotel room.

4. Hotels that offer low rates are always more popular.

Holidaymakers are not always making decisions based on price. Other requirements such as proximity to tourist attractions or public transport, and hotel amenities are usually assessed in combination with cost. Guests are looking for the best deals, rather than the cheapest ones.

5. You can only get bed bugs in budget hotels.

According to those in the pest control business, bed bugs are a problem amongst both budget and high-end hotels.

6. Cameras are there to spy on guests.

It is common for hotels to have cameras for safety reasons. Many operate on a lower number of staff at night time, and as they can’t be everywhere at once, it is vital for everyone’s safety that cameras are installed. Not only will it enable staff to monitor multiple parts of the building, it may even act as a deterrent against would-be criminals.

7. Hotels charge for everything.

Montcalm Hotels in London give out a lot of complimentary items – shampoo, conditioner, soaps and sewing kits are only a few examples.

8. Hotels can meet every request.

Hotels can meet requests if given sufficient notice. So if you must have a microwave in the room, you need to specify this in advance in order for them to allocate you the right room.