8 Effortless Ways to Save Money on Your London Trip

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What if we say that you can save money while having a fun and exciting holiday in the iconic city of London? Well, it’s true. The vast and diverse capital is well-equipped with some great budget options, from a long list of free attractions to cost-efficient ways to get around and explore. So, if a London visit is on your mind, we’ve compiled the top tips for a budget-friendly trip to the city.

How to Save Money on London Transit

Take the Bus

When starting with tips to save money on London transit, taking the bus secures a top spot on the list of cost-friendly travel options.

The Bus Hopper Fare offers unlimited bus rides for a modest price. Now, what exactly is the Bus Hopper Fare? Also known as the Mayor’s Hopper Fare, it gives you unlimited journeys on the Transport for London bus and tram services for a fixed price. These journeys must be planned within one hour of touching in a contactless or Oyster card.

Get a Visitor Oyster Card

Oyster cards and contactless payment cards offer the most affordable modes of travel in London. Save more using an Oyster card than buying single tickets or one-day paper Travelcards. Holders of the Visitor Oyster card also qualify for a range of food, drinks, and other special offers.

Cycle to Explore

London is incredibly bike-friendly and even though you’ll want to use public transport for longer journeys, bikes are also safer. London offers cycles as part of the city’s self-service bike hire scheme for short journeys. It’s a great way to get around and explore prime areas near your accommodation in London city, all while saving on travel costs.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

It is always a great decision to plan a stay in central London to cover almost all attractions easily. This will help you save time and money on transit and cover the most popular experiences. Nestled in the heart of London, The Montcalm London City is an ideal urban retreat welcoming solo explorers, families, and business travellers to its modern style rooms and amenities.

How to Save on Sightseeing in London

Bundle Your Experiences (Get the London Pass)

If you wish to see all the major tourist sites and attractions in London, you can save more using the London Pass. Take advantage of free and fast-track entries to over 60 iconic attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and the Thames River Cruise. You can also take a break from the sightseeing and indulge in the sumptuous Montcalm afternoon tea for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Take Advantage of the Museum Scene

London boasts a variety of fantastic free attractions, including world-renowned art galleries and museums. So, whether you’re exploring the treasures of the British Museum or peeking into a pop-up at the Victoria and Albert Museum, it’s a great way to take in history and stick to your budget.

Join Free Walking Tours

The best way to explore London is unarguably by foot. The abundance of free walking tours helps cut down on travel costs and see the city through the eyes of a Londoner. Tours like the Royal London and Changing of the Guard and Secrets of London are great picks.

Hunt Out Free Views

There are spectacular views around London that are just waiting to be explored. And the best part? They are all free! Dripping with greenery and stunning architecture, the Sky Garden offers breathtaking views of the city skyline for free. You can also enjoy scenic city views from the top of Primrose Hill or see romantic sunsets.

If you’ve been waiting to visit London, now is the time to plan your trip! Look no further, as we offer the best London hotel deals on a luxurious stay in the heart of the city. Book early, follow these tips and tricks, and explore like a local for incredible savings.