A list of travel advice you should ignore


Not every piece of travel advice is worth listening to. In fact, there are some pretty bad ones floating around; here is a list of the worst of them.


1.Book a hotel room after you arrive at your destination, you will be able to see them first and make comparisons before committing to one.

2.Save money on accommodation, it doesn’t really matter where you sleep or shower.

3.Don’t stay at anything but a luxury hotel – nothing else is safe or clean!


4.Bring more clothes than you will need, it will be better than having to find a laundrette or do any washing.

5.Buy the most expensive luggage you can afford because they are more durable.

6.Don’t bring your travel guide, save on weight and use the online version once you arrive at your destination.

7.Bring anything you think you might need, just in case.


8.Save money by drinking tap water; it is fine to do that in most places.

9.Avoid any street food and you won’t get a bad stomach.

10.Only eat what you know, preferably western food.


11.Don’t travel solo. It’s too dangerous to go anywhere on your own these days.

12.Don’t talk to the locals; they only want to cheat you of your money.

13.You need to carry a weapon to protect yourself.

14.Keep your passport on you at all times, even when you are out partying.

15.Get a taxi and don’t walk anywhere, even during daytime.


16.Stock up on travellers’ cheques as nothing else is as reliable as these pieces of paper.

17.Don’t bother changing any foreign currency; just use the cash machine at the airport when you arrive.


18.Visit a country when it’s low season, never mind the monsoons, cyclones or any other threats.

19.Don’t travel until your kids are older. It costs too much to take them along and they won’t enjoy it anyway.

20.Bring sweets and coins to give to the children in poor countries.