A Taste of “Totally Thames”


If you’re lucky enough to be staying at accommodation in London city during the time of the Thames Festival Celebrations, then you’re in for a real treat. It’s an entire month devoted to celebrating the River Thames across its 42 miles and it takes place during the calendar month of September. Head on over to Richmond with your family each weekend to experience street entertainment, live music, stalls and fun for young and old alike. Since it has the largest stretch of the river, Richmond will be celebrating big style and will theme each weekend differently but with plenty to see and do at each unique one.

Artistic flair flows

‘Totally Thames’ as it’s been dubbed will also host the Florentijn Hoffman Commission, which will be a celebratory piece of art that will be designed to be half immersed in the water. It will celebrate all that is splendid about the River Thames and will even rise and fall as the tide. It will be the Dutch artist’s first UK sculpture and is not to be missed if you are an appreciator of Art, or indeed even if you appreciate and love all that is wonderful about Britain.

There is also a celebration to commemorate 120 years of Tower Bridge, and beginning on the September the 7th, there will be an exhibition to showcase the iconic bridge throughout history in various Art forms. There will be some modern interpretations along with classic portrayals and historic information too. If you enjoy history and looking at landmarks through the ages excites you, then this is an exhibition that is definitely not to be missed.

One of the biggest events that marks the Thames Festival Celebrations is the London River Marathon which takes place on the 27th September. All levels of ability are encouraged to take part in the great race, and it really is a sight to behold when you look upon around 300 competitors battling it out to be the champion- especially when several of them will be competing in fancy dress! Although the winner is gifted with the title of ‘UK traditional boat champion’, the contest is geared towards being fun and inclusive. If you fancy it, gather up your friends, pick a theme to dress in and get entering! What better excuse to stay overnight with your mates at 5 star Accommodation near Brewery Road London City than to be part of this momentous event? It is sure to be a fun filled day whether you are partaking in, or simply observing the brilliant race. It is set to be a fantastic day for all of the family, so mark this one down in your diary.

Perhaps the best-loved part of ‘Totally Thames’ is the spectacular Royal fireworks display which is set to the sound track of Handel’s’ music, which is brilliantly played by Arcangelo, a 30 piece orchestra. It is arguably the most regal and romantic of affairs offered at the Thames celebrations, which take place at Hampton Court Palace. Not only will the enchanting music thrill your ears and soul, but the magical sky display will romance you to fall in love with London all over again. You are in for a truly unforgettable night if you are lucky enough to be in London on this night that marks a wonderful landmark.

That is just a handful of reasons to visit London during the Thames Festival celebrations, although of course a visit to London is just as enticing at any time of the year, although for a trip with an extra bit of pizazz, how about visiting on New Year’s Eve to see the sky illuminated with the annual televised firework display? If there is a better way to start the New Year off, it’s not been found yet. London is renowned for its New Year’s Eve celebrations followed by the Ding Dong of Big Ben at Midnight that let’s everyone know it’s time to sing Auld Lang Syne. Or for the royalists out there, perhaps a visit to the palace to mark the Queen’s birthday in June might be more suited. Although be warned that the likelihood of you actually catching a glimpse of Her Majesty is considerably low indeed!

London is an exciting and vibrant city to visit all of the time, with something to offer every taste, and with so many affordable yet luxurious hotels available, it makes the perfect destination for a quick getaway break for couples or family of all budgets.