A Wedding in London or a Destination Wedding?


As the wedding season has finally arrived, the decision to get married is a huge one. Those who are considering getting hitched must know that there are many aspects to consider whilst preparing for a wedding. One of the first things that should be considered is the location of the wedding. For some couples, getting married abroad will be a truly special occasion and it can double up as a honeymoon. However, the logistics of a destination wedding may cause some problems to arise, especially if couples want a big wedding and not everyone can afford to fly. Therefore a wedding in London also have many advantages. For example, if the wedding involves children or very young children a wedding in London will potentially easier than a destination wedding. If children will definitely be at the wedding then there is no harm in searching for top 5 fun family activities to enjoy in London.

Wedding in London

Find a Fashionable Wedding Dress

London is one of the cities that have the accolade of being one of the fashion destinations on the globe. Therefore, there is no better city than London to find the perfect (and very fashionable) wedding dress and tuxedo for the bride and groom respectively.  There are an abundance of boutiques that sell stunning wedding dresses that will match the wedding dress of your dreams.

Close to Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

For many couples, a honeymoon in far flung destinations simply may not be practical for a number of reasons. However, having a wedding in London will ensure that couples can still have a honeymoon in a different country albeit that it is close to home. For example, romantic cities abroad including Paris and Venice is the perfect complement to the romance of a wedding and honeymoon. Take a look around at all the places that could be a honeymoon spot. Remember it will be close to home and it need not break the bank.

Family Affair

Referring to the practical reasons above, for some couples who are very traditional, a wedding may have to involve the whole family, including friends and maybe some work colleagues thrown in. Therefore, having a wedding with this amount of people abroad may make things complicated. Having the wedding at home can guarantee that family and friends can enjoy the special day with the newly married couple!

Wedding Destination


It may be surprising to some people but sometimes a wedding abroad can be much cheaper than a wedding at home. The average wedding in London can indeed be very costly. A wedding has many aspects which include obvious details like the venue, catering and bridesmaids’ dresses.  However, there may be minor details that have not been thought of. Therefore the cost may end up worryingly over budget.  Wedding destinations can offer lovely all inclusive packages including photographers and food. Also, if couples want a small intimate affair, which is likely as not many people could fly out, therefore the wedding guest list will be significantly smaller.

A place for Marriage Renewal

A destination wedding is a great thing to consider especially if the day is about the renewal of vows rather than a first wedding. Acknowledging the vows you took on the wedding day is a recommitment to the marriage. Therefore, this special act should be held in a special place. Moreover, those who may have had a big wedding the first time round around may steer clear in doing it the second time. Therefore, going for a wedding destination can also be a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Wedding and Honeymoon

A wedding is a special occasion that will be memorable for years to come. Therefore, a wedding destination ensures that a honeymoon can immediately follow the wedding ceremony. This saves the trouble and the money in looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway.

If you do chose a wedding venue in London, there are plenty of venues on offer in the city for a perfect wedding reception. Wedding hotels in London, such as The Montcalm at The Brewery London City, are a popular choice for those who want to get married. At its sister hotel, The Montcalm London Marble Arch, it is in an ideal location as it is situated in central London. Weddings are supposed to memorable and the wedding planners at the hotel will make sure that the memories and the experience will last for years to come.  The reception area can accommodate up to 550 guests, so whether it is a small or big wedding, the hotel and its staff has the space and expertise respectively to accommodate any needs. However, for something a little more informal, The Montcalm at The Brewery London City is delightful place that can host the smaller wedding reception you may want.