night out london

London is truly a city full of infinite possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a family friends day out, or your looking for a romantic weekends worth of sites and events, you’ll be able to find enough to do in London to keep you occupied for every day of the year. With so much to do in the city, finding those experiences which really stand out, whether it be that new hobby which sticks with you for life or that once in a lifetime spectacle at a local theatre, you’ll have to dig a little deeper than your average London day out. Those staying at the Montcalm At The Brewery London City are in luck however, the East London area being ripe with opportunities to try something new. With its heady mix of multiculturalism, arts and entertainment, East London is an history steeped area of London full of new things to try.

Otra Vista Social Club


Based in Clerkenwell in central East London, the Ostra Vista Social Club hosts a unique silent disco once a month. Whilst this event is mainly a silent disco, Ostra Vista also has the aim of introducing the public to the use of sign language in a way which means you must communicate with the other people at the club on a visual level. This makes for a silent disco with a difference, where you can really get to know people and learn to communicate on a different level.

Bounce Shoreditch

Bounce in Shoreditch is a social hub and party atmosphere bar with a difference. With its focus on table tennis, the Bounce team give you the chance to test out your skills in the ground-breaking table tennis come bar layout based in Shoreditch. Whether you’re a pro or just in it for a laugh, Bounce is perfect for that unique work outing or for a great birthday party. Whatever your skill level, this is social entertainment at its best and a must-visit whether you’re into ping pong or not.

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood is a great afternoon venture for all the family. With the museum giving free entry to all visitors, it’s a great place to explore interactive exhibits which show you children’s toy designs through the ages. On top of this you can learn about entertainment and kids play through the ages. Whether it be a 1910 Punch and Judy puppet stage or a retro seventies goshgamig games console, there’s plenty to explore, as well as unique play areas for children and a great café in this spacious hall.

Dennis Severs House

Dennis Severs House is a still life museum which takes you through the history of a fictional family from the 18th to the 20th century. Using the fictional silk weaving Jervis family as the subject of the house, each room has the authentic interiors of a different century or time, telling the story of the Jervis family through sound effects and beds, books, chairs and even food, sometimes left half eaten as if someone has just left the room. This makes this Spitalfields based museum entirely unique in the way it presents London’s history to us.