Amazing Attractions around Chiswell Street

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London is vast and ancient; every last corner of this great city is crammed with more things to see than you could shake a stick at. No matter your fascination, from arts or history to economics or crime, there is something here for you to see. Given the huge number of options, it can be quite tricky to decide precisely where to with your limited time in the city. To help you decide on a few options we have looked around and put together a list of ten popular places to visit in London that are near Chiswell Street.

St Paul’s Cathedral:

Just down the road from Moorgate station is the incredibly beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral; its dome rising high and imposing above the buildings around it. A trip up the dome to see London from a new perspective is a perfect way to spend and afternoon.

Old Spitalfields Market:

One of London’s many delights is its extensive range of street markets. Old Spitalfields Market is just a short walk from the Montcalm Chiswell Street Hotel and offers an impressive range of shops and stalls, seven days a week. There’s good food, antiques, collectables, and trendy clothes; perfect for the lovers of vintage shopping.

The Barbican:

The Barbican is an exciting hub of culture and art. With regular shows in its two theatres and an excellent art gallery on the third floor; this one is the perfect stop for art lovers everywhere.

Bank of England Museum:

This one may seem a bit dry at start, the history of banking is not exactly an eye catching title, but there is a lot of depth to this fascinating museum. Everything from gold bars to the weapons used in the past to defend the bank is on display; it is an interesting and educational experience.

Spitalfields City Farm:

Twenty minutes may seem a bit far to walk from Chiswell Street, but heading out to a country farm will take quite a bit longer. This city farm is a delightful place with a lot of beautiful and friendly animals to pat and a food stall selling truly incredible cakes.

Museum of London:

This fun museum tells the long story of this incredible city with over two million objects in its collections. It’s the largest archaeological archive in Europe, so definitely worth a visit.

Bunhill Fields:

An excellent place for the lovers of the Macabre is the large and quite beautiful graveyard turned public garden: Bunhill Fields. It’s about three minutes off Chiswell and a lovely place to go relax.

Postman’s Park:

Another beautiful place for a sit down is the quiet and calming Postman’s Park. This park sits around a sombre monument to heroic self-sacrifice; a tribute to ordinary people who died saving others’ lives.

Millennium Bridge:

This delightful piece of architecture is a great place to go walking and an excellent path to use to get to more great attractions across the street.

Tower of London:

If the Tower wasn’t already on your list of places to visit, then you need to update your lists. The Tower of London is one of the most incredible historical sites in London and easily one of the most fascinating places you will ever visit. If you love history, or even just shiny jewels, make sure to head to the Tower.