Best Bloody Marys in London


Cocktails have become something of a London institution, and the tried and tested classic, a Bloody Mary, remains a staple of some of the city’s top bars. Whether you’re in the mood for a drink on its own or want to enjoy a meal to accompany, there are plenty of options for those ready to explore!

In this blog, we’ll guide you through a few of the top destinations for finding the best Bloody Marys in London during your next visit…

The Connaught


A Mayfair institution within delightfully elegant surroundings, your Bloody Mary will be served in a chalice-style container to help remind you that you’re definitely in the upscale side of town! The space plays with different ingredients in its Bloody Mary, but you can discuss your requirements and tastes with the resident bartender.

This is a drink which the bar is particularly proud of, so they’ll happily chat about how they’ve developed their variations over the years.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Liverpool Street

An award-winning Bloody Mary awaits you at this creatively-titled bar, and includes a selection of unusual and upgraded ingredients including thyme syrup, tequila infused with peppercorns, and mezcal. The bar is hidden away, making it a particularly coveted spot for nursing a hangover while staying at accommodation near Brewery Road.


Various locations

This London chain is dotted around the city, and here you’ll find an array of delicious cocktails as well as great dishes to accompany your drinks. There are many different variations on offer, and depending on the location you’re in, you’ll be able to discuss your individual requirements for a Bloody Mary with the bartender.



A trendy joint noted for its ribs, HotBox also offers a bottomless brunch – which includes free-flowing cocktails and boozy offerings. The Bloody Mary is a popular option, with spiced, smoked and meaty varieties as well as one infused with gin and another with more nutritious properties!

If you’d rather keep it simple, then you can always opt for the classic while enjoying the dishes on offer.

Bonnie Gull

Fitzrovia / Exmouth Market

A simple seafood space which keeps this simplicity at its core, you can enjoy local seafood whilst also enjoying a Bloody Mary, which is made with in-house Clamato juice and includes spices and vodka for an authentic feel.



The bar is run by noted chef Mark Hix, which has helped to make Tramshed a must-visit location for many Bloody Mary fans. Tramshed includes artistic touches such as a Damien Hirst installation above the bar, which will give you a suitably disorientating way to experience one of the city’s favourite drinks.

Newman Street Tavern


The elegant surroundings of Fitzrovia provide a great backdrop for a few cocktails at Newman Street Tavern, which includes five separate variations on the Bloody Mary, including one entitled the ‘Bloody Bull’, which is made with beef stock and beef jerky. If this sounds too experimental, you can also stick to the more traditional combination while staying at the Montcalm hotel Moorgate.


Covent Garden

There are few places as stylish as Balthazar, which helps to transplant the effortless cool of New York brunch culture to London. It has also transported its own drinks menu, which includes a classic take on a Bloody Mary, as well as more elaborate and creative takes on the classic which lend it a more savoury taste. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is a great place to start your hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary.

Powder Keg Diplomacy


Another creatively-named venue which offers a vast selection of new takes on the classic cocktail, they are also imbued with their own equally creative titles, including the Mary Queen of Scots and the Monkey Shoulder.

Everything here is of the finest quality, so you can always be assured of a great drink on your next stay in the city.

Mac & Wild


Infused with whisky, the Bloody Mary at Mac & Wild is dedicated to Scotland, the homeland behind many of the offerings on the menu. It’s made not only with whisky but with tomato juice and a special blend of spices – this helps create an unusual taste, but one which is worth trying if you’re in the area.

The Gilbert Scott

Kings Cross

A lavishly decorated restaurant and bar, the Gilbert Scott has infinite love for the Bloody Mary, and offers four variations for you to choose from including the classic, a gin-infused option, one laced with tequila, and the favourite of this particular venue, entitled the Sunshine Mary.

This very special option is made with yellow tomato juice and ginseng spirit, giving an extra tang to the existing recipe.

The Jugged Hare

Chiswell Street

This delightful traditional pub and restaurant brings a taste of the countryside to the city, making The Jugged Hare London a must-visit space to enjoy not only a Bloody Mary, but some great dining opportunities in the city.

The restaurant is a major hit with fans of game, as this is the speciality on the menu. Innovation is also at the core of everything that is done here, ensuring dishes are cooked to perfection and there are lots of drinks to choose from alongside the ever-popular Bloody Mary.

Southsider Cocktail Club


This bar takes a novel approach to creating their Bloody Mary, serving it in a Campbell’s soup can and dubbing this creation ‘The Bloody Warhol’. Pop art fans will instantly get the reference, but for everyone else – it’s still a creative way to try a classic cocktail when you’re next in the city.

Islington Town House


This venue has gone even further in the quest to create something original, infusing its Bloody Mary with Guinness, alongside traditional ingredients like vodka and tomato juice. It’s packed with iron, and could be a contender for one of the most nutritious cocktails which London has to offer.