We all know the iconic South kensington Museum trio of the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many tourists may also be aware of the British Museum and London Dungeon’s (although the last isn’t technically a museum.) After you’ve frequented these iconic London Museums where do you go for an educational but fun day out in London? Due to London having such a long spanning history, 42AD to be exact, the city has amassed a huge amount of museums over the years spanning many different subjects and topics. For any guests at the Montcalm Brewery London City who are looking for another mind widening day out, then take a trip to some of London’s best kept secret Museum’s in the City of London.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

One of the better known secrets in London, partly due to the popularity of Sherlock Holmes as a character in modern day fiction as well as in his classic literary incarnation in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s series. The museum itself is unique in that it recreates Sherlock Holmes titular 221B Baker Street. Complete with interior stylings much like that of Victorian housings as well as well-known props. Sherlock’s “laboratory equipment” and his violin as well as many others give this museum a lifelike feel. The museum gives visitors a chance to explore the world of the fictional detective. On top of this all the staff members played by actors who take the roles of Victorian characters such as policemen and land ladies, giving this museum a personal and interactive touch, fully transporting the guests into the world of Sherlock Holmes and his curious cases.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Children’s Museum

Based in Bethnal Green, the Victoria and Albert Children’s museum focuses on exhibitions showing the best of materials and items made for and by children. The museum is an off shoot of the Victoria and Albert Museum I South Kensington and is also made from the same materials. The materials used are from the left over materials of the already mentioned Victoria and Albert Museum, or Albertopolis as it is nicknamed, and has exhibits from throughout the ages. These include interactive exhibits to keep the kids entertained whilst the adults will be interested and completely absorbed by the works of Barbie and ken Dolls as well as the older toys of the middle ages and Victorian era.

The Cinema Museum

This museum based in the London Borough of Lambeth has existed since 1986 and consists of the private collection of cinema and film memorabilia of Ronald Grant and Martin Humphries. The Lambeth Workhouse where the museum is based has relevance to film history due to it being where Charlie Chaplin lived as a child whilst his mother faced destitution. The museums exhibitions include film memorabilia as well as items relating to film production, such as camera’s projectors and even popcorn cartons. There are also many posters, art deco cinema furnishings such as chairs and carpets as well as an archive boasting 17 million feet of film reel.

The Horiman Museum

The Horniman Museum located in Forest Hill opened in 1901 and was designed by Chares Harrison. Having been commissioned with the intention of showcasing tea trader Frederick Horniman’s vast collection of natural history, cultural artefacts and musical instruments the museum has many different artefacts including a red cedar totem pole and a large mosaic entitled Humanity in the house of Circumstance. This mosaic is incredible in design and range and is made of more than 117,000 individual tiles and measures 10 feet by 32 feet. The mosaic symbolises personal aspirations and limitations.