There’s a long history of the Irish in London. From the 1830’s onwards, Archway was populated by London Irish making railways whilst the Kilburn area has been nicknamed “County Kilburn”, referring to its history as a settling place for Irish migrants. It goes without saying then, that London, like with so many other cultures has come to be influenced majorly by Irish culture, and with that influence comes a wide range of world famous Irish pubs. Whether you’re a local gagging for a good stout or your accommodation near Brewery road is desperate for a whiskey, there’s plenty of venues to choose from in London where you can delve deep into an Irish night.


Waxy O’Connor’s

Waxy O’Connor’s is a Soho located warren of an Irish bar. With its gothic décor and great range of drinks, this lively Irish bar is known for its six floors and four bars worth of Irish fun. For a good night out and a range of drinks deals, just head behind Leicester Square to find this amazing bar which is open from midday to midnight.

The Tipperary

The Tipperary is located on Fleet Street in a unique location. Crammed between office buildings, the Tipperary is London’s oldest pub, dating back to the mid-17th century and is famous for its draught Guinness as well as its long history. Whether you’re looking for a great place for an after work or you’re an history buff with a penchant for beer, then this is the perfect, scenic and quirky bar for you. With great food on the side, this pub is a unique Central London treasure, as alluring on the inside as it is on the outside.

The Cow

This Notting Hill Gastropub is a perfect example of an updated Irish Pub, with great food and great Guinness on tap. With its fish menu, this is the upmarket Irish Pub you’ll want to check out for the best in wine and whiskey. The Cow is also incredibly scenic, and close by to many other great Notting Hill amenities.

Faltering Fullback

Based in Finsbury Park, this great North London based Irish pub is one of the most popular pubs in the area and comes with a split-level floor and a great range of beers and stouts on tap. Watch out for this one in the summer, the terraced beer garden is one of the best places to enjoy the summer sun. This intimate pub is one of the best places to find a great Irish and community atmosphere, making it the perfect local and commuter pub alike.

Blythe Hill Tavern

The Blythe Hill Tavern was voted as the best pub in London by the Society for the Preservation of Beers from The Wood and its easy to see why. This Irish pub has an abundance of ales and a great welcoming atmosphere. Heading to this pub on a weekend will have you enjoying a family atmosphere and well-dressed bar staff, bringing great service and a lively vibe.