Running Routes In Central London

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Because London is a relatively flat city, it’s a great place to take up running or continue your running routine while on a break in the city. Whether you’re looking for somewhere for a light lunchtime jog or a longer weekend run, here are some running routes you can try while staying at the Montcalm London City at the Brewery Hotel.

Lace up!

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

This is one of the most pleasant inner-city runs in London. Regent’s Park has several running tracks covering about five kilometres (three miles) of parkland in total. The Hub sports facility has showers and toilets too, so you can freshen up once you finish your run before you carry on with your day.  If you want a slightly more intense run, you can add on a loop of nearby Primrose Hill for extra distance and intensity. Primrose Hill is one of the steeper parts of London, but the views from the endpoint are incredible.

Thames Run

Thames Run

This simple route gives you a chance to take in the Thames and plenty of London’s iconic landmarks along the way. The route runs past the Tate Britain, the Houses of Parliament and Somerset House. Start at Battersea Power Station, cross onto the north side of the river and follow the river around until you get to the Tower of London. Once there, head across Tower Bridge and run back along the south side of the river. You can either end your run in Battersea Park or venture a little further into leafy Putney to extend your workout and push your muscles further.

South-east London Parks

St James's Park, London

Many open green spaces in south-east London are perfect for the start of your run. You could start at Crystal Palace or Herne Hill train stations as they’re both easy to get to and from. They’re also surrounded by plenty of great cafes, restaurants and pubs with plenty of hotel offering some of the best London hotel deals, so you have plenty of options to rest in afterwards. You can also head into Brockwell Park or Crystal Palace Park to test yourself a little further, as both these locations have a steeper incline than many other parts of London. While many of the running routes may require you to run along the road, you can often cut through the grounds of Dulwich College for more natural scenery.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of London’s huge royal parks and offers plenty of trails through the woods and fields for an open and natural run. Most people using this route tend to run along the perimeter, which is known as the Tamsin Trail, but you run anywhere you like throughout the park. If you’re unfamiliar with the location though, the Tamsin Trail is a great place to get your bearings before you venture further into the park.

East London Canals

Regents Canal

Following the East London Canals as part of your running route is a great way to look at London from a different perspective. You can head out along a series of towpaths that follow London’s canal network and run by Limehouse Cut, the Olympic Stadium and Victoria Park.  You can end your run in Broadway Market and enjoy wandering through the stalls as you get your breath back, but if you want to give yourself a little extra push, you can follow the canals into Angel Islington which the path comes to a stop.

Victoria Park Loop

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is often referred to as the green jewel in East London’s crown. It’s one of the most well-known parks in London and is a great place to run and escape the bustle of the busy London streets. The park itself is big enough that it’s hosted several different festivals, so there’s plenty of space for you to run in no matter how far you like to go. There are also several cafes for you to rest in while you get your breath back. The many ponds in the park give it a scenic feel and keep you almost entirely off the main city streets. You can take any route you like through the park and stop whenever you hit your limit. Running a full looped course of the park will rack up a hefty five-mile (eight-kilometre run).

Diana Memorial

Diana WalkUsing the Dianna Memorial as your central focal point, you can run in a figure of eight course that encompasses several of London’s iconic locations. The route takes your through Kensington Gardens so you can say hello to Peter Pan, into Hyde Park and through Green Park and St James’ Park. You’ll also run past two palaces on the route – Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. In short, this route is fit for royalty and gives you a chance to visit many famous sights in London as you work on your health and fitness.

The Railway Run

This is another excellent route for those of you who want a chance to see London differently. You can run up to four miles along an old abandoned railway line from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace. The route will also take your down tree-lined avenues and through Highgate Woods where you’ll have a chance to admire the several natural sculptures that fill the woods. If four miles (six kilometres) isn’t enough for you, you can always add on an extra loop of either Alexandra Palace or Finsbury Park to add a little extra distance and push yourself that bit further.

If you’re a runner and are looking to stay in London, make sure you check out the best London hotel deals and see which ones are nearest to one of our great running routes. Remember, the Montcalm London City at the Brewery Hotel is ideally placed to reach a number of the great parks London has to offer, providing several brilliant running routes right on your doorstep.

Which routes are you most keen to jog during your next visit to London? Leave us a comment!