It’s always good to hear from an insider when planning your trip to London. With so much to do and so many different tastes, those who want to live like a Londoner need to hear what to do from the horse’s mouth. With so many people living in the city and so many having called it their home for generations, it is these people who will be able to give you the insider knowledge on how to see London like a Londoner. So where do you start, as a tourist and as a guest at the Montcalm Brewery London City there are so many opportunities for you to get involved with when it comes to seeing the sights of the city that the possibilities can seem endless.

Best loved London neighbourhoods

Finding the best areas to visit is no slim pickings. London has 32 boroughs and within them a range of areas with their own unique character. The London area is known for its amazing range of areas with a countless amount of versatility. It partly come down to just how diverse London is, a city with more cultures than there are grains of sand on a beach. Below are some of the best areas to visit as a tourist alongside some of the hot tips on places to visit in that area.

Street Art Shoreditch


Shoreditch is one of the most popular parts of London for both tourists and locals alike. As a media and financial hub of the city, there are plenty of locals working and living in the area, meaning that there is a lot of culture and variety in the area. Take Shoreditch town hall for instance, once a bastion of working class democracy and progressivism, now a vibrant arts venue as an example of the deep-rooted history of Shoreditch. Bars such as the Old Blue Last and clubs such as XOYO also give you a clear sense of the hip youth culture thriving around the area.


This north east London arts hub is one of the most popular parts of the city for a night out. Here you can find a range of venues, bars and delicious restaurants which will give you the chance to explore the both the multi-cultural community alongside some of the best working artists in the area. Take the Arcola Theatre for instance, not only do you get renditions of some of the UK’s age old classics, but a range of new work from many of the best up and coming writers of this generation. Check out Cafe OTO as well, for some great coffee and beer alongside some of the most progressive musicians performing in the city.


For a more homely and upmarket feel, Highgate is one of the great areas of North London often unexplored by tourists. Here you can find some stunning natural parkland alongside the best artisan coffee shops this side of the river. Highgate is also home to the world famous Highgate cemetery, the resting place of such iconic figures as Karl Marx and one of the five royal cemeteries of the city.


Another insider gem is the area of Peckham. This is a part of Southwark and Lewisham council, and a South Easterly part of the city. Just a short bus journey from Brixton, Peckham is the home of some of the best art schools and free galleries in the city, alongside a thriving student and cultural community. From the DIY underground Deptford Cinema to the thriving community of Bussey Building, you’ll find no end of affordable restaurants, bars and cafes alongside some of the best small music venues in the city. For routine music and comedy sets from London’s up and comers, why not try the Montague Arms, whilst the club nights at Rye Wax promise a blend of hip hop, soul and EDM. Whether you’re looking for a night out or a day of exploring, Peckham is a must.

Find the history

One of the easiest things to do in London is find the history inherent in the city. London has been a settlement since 50 AD, first created by the Romans which means that there is a wealth of history to explore and discover during your visit. As the capital of what was once one of the largest powers in the world, the city of London has many skins, and many stories to go with it. A city lives and breathes, holds its own memories, and whether you’re a Tudor boffin, a World War wise man, or a culture connoisseur, the city of London has everything you’ll need to lose yourself in the history-soaked streets.

London docklands

The London Docklands are some of the most overlooked historic areas of the London. Spanning across several boroughs, the London Docklands are some of the most interesting and scenic parts of the city. After the docks closed in the 1980’s, the area became derelict before it has been redeveloped over the last three decades. Nowadays you can explore the history of the area through the London Docklands Museum and can find commercial centres, cinemas and restaurants dotted around this now pristine and sparkling area of the city.

The streets of Whitechapel

Exploring Whitechapel and it’s many wonders is a real joy, located just beyond Shoreditch, the area of Whitechapel is rife with art galleries, Indian Restaurants and some of London’s most grisly history. For Whitechapel was the hunting ground of the infamous Victorian serial killer, Jack the Ripper, and many tours concerning his deeds and clues as to his identity can be found in the area. These are also a good chance to explore Whitechapel whilst in the hands of a city expert, a must for anyone new to the city with a taste of the macabre.

Hyde Park

It’s nearly Spring, so get on down to Hyde Park to make the most of the blooming flowers. Whether taking a boat ride on the Serpentine, breathing in the botanic gardens, or relaxing at the café and Serpentine Gallery, there is always a promise of respite in Hyde Park.