Body Care near Chiswell Street


It can be a real challenge to keep your body fit and healthy while travelling. You have less control over your what you eat so you tend to eat less healthily; there’s less time to go to  the gym and it’s harder to find one you like; even simple things like massages and treats for your body seem harder to come by when you can’t go to your regular spot. Well we’re here to make sure that, if you are staying at one of the Chiswell Street hotels London, you know exactly where to go to get your body what it needs.

At the Hotel

It is not uncommon for hotels to have a fitness room and sauna or pool attached for guests who need to do a bit of basic bodily care. A luxury hotel like the Montcalm Hotel in Chiswell Street London will be well supplied with basic exercise equipment, as well a steam room and sauna. The setup may be a bit simple for someone craving a serious workout, but there is more than enough to keep you toned while travelling. If you are staying further out from Chiswell be sure to check and make sure your hotel includes a fitness centre, like the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel; you don’t want to miss a day out of your fitness regime.

Sports and Fitness Centre

Travellers looking for a wider range of fitness machines or who need more extravagant equipment like a swimming pool should be sure to check out one of several sports and fitness centres nearby Chiswell Street. You can count on the full fitness centre to provide everything you need from exercises classes to sporting courts, like badminton or tennis. There are also usually physical therapists and massage therapists that work from the centre in case you need physical care. The fees associated with single day sessions at a fitness centre are generally a bit higher than is ideal, so it would be advisable to restrict yourself to only a few trips and do maintenance work outs at your hotel; unless of course you need specialist equipment.

Spa Day

An excellent way to keep your body feeling alive and well when travelling is to include a day at the spa at your schedule.Hurrying around between meetings or tourist destinations can really put the strain on a body; so take the time to make sure you are treating yourself properly. There are a number of spas and beauty clinics in the area around Chiswell Street that should provide the care and healing you need to feel one hundred percent. While your specific needs and preferences may vary, one thing that never fails to help a weary traveller is a good long foot massage to ease out the aches and pains of the road.