Boutique Hotels in UK

Boutique hotels are the closest to personal and custom made luxury that you can get in this world. The boutique hotels in UK have kept this tradition alive and they provide you with a hotel which is customised to suit all your needs and make you comfortable and feel at home in the space of the hotel. Boutique hotels here are small family establishments who provide you with a clutter free and peaceful space to occupy when you are in London. As these hotels are small and entertain a maximum of 50 to70 guests at a time, they provide a more homely and warm space for the guests than do the big, chain hotels which can big quite anonymous to the guests because of the scale of services that it delivers.
Boutique hotels can be luxury or austere and the austere will provide you only the very basic of services to make your stay comfortable and not indulge you facilities such as spa and health and lifestyle exercises, to give you a taste of the austere life with minimal intrusion of appliances and modern amenities. This is the new mantra of the world today which is moving more towards being simplistic and living on the minimum of facilities, an antithesis to the consumption world of today which survives on consuming more and more. With the increasing environmental degradation of the world today, this is the way to go for the future.
The luxury boutique hotels are the complete opposite of the austere boutique hotels as they provide you with every item of consumption that you can desire in the hotel to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. Hence, expensive toiletries, mattress and upholstery, spas and exercises, technology such as Satellite TV and gaming stations are all present in the hotel. On top of it, they are designed to serve a small number of people at a time so that they can serve them effectively. The result is that you have the best of services and amenities and each is presented to you when you want it and how you want it. These hotels can truly make you feel like a king.