Boxpark: Who, What, and Where


East London lovers… you’re no doubt already really familiar with one of the area’s key gems – Boxpark in Shoreditch. However, if you tend to spend most of your time in the capital in more tourist-centric areas such as Covent Garden, Oxford Street or the museum district in South Kensington, you may be missing out on the action.


That’s why we’ve put together a bit of a guide to help clue you up on this Shoreditch favourite. So, cancel your plans – you’ll want to head here immediately!




Boxpark Shoreditch first opened back in 2011 and became the world’s original pop-up mall. The idea used the current street food market and put local and global brands side by side, to build a different shopping and dining destination. Fully assembled out of refitted freight containers, Boxpark showcases a different position in being able to allow affordable and adaptable contracts for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and studios to trade and profit. 


In October 2016 the next Boxpark site was originated, south of the river, down in Croydon. The site has centred solely on the drinks and dining character that has made Boxpark so neighbourly, as well as producing some of the largest events the city has ever witnessed; including a show-stopping launch performance with Eskimo Dance and an exclusive show from Stormzy.


Boxpark Wembley is the third instalment of Roger Wade’s contemporary street food, events and relaxation notion. Boxpark Wembley kicked things off with a Rinse FM party, with live sets from a line-up of famous artists and DJs such as The Heatwave, Heartless Crew, Redlight, Unknown T and WSTRN and many more. All the profits from the evening were given to the company’s partner charity OnSide Youth Zones, whose goal is to give all young people somewhere secure and encouraging to go in their free time.


Not only is Boxpark Wembley crammed with amazing places to eat and drink, but the central spot also acts as a 2000 capacity events location to entertain everything from gigs to fairs, bingo to sports showings. On the second floor, you’ll find Playbox which is home to shuffleboard, table tennis, pool and table football. 


Boxpark proceeds to be trailblazing in its approach to dining and retail and remains committed to working with up-and-coming and established stars from across the UK to produce memorable events. Boxpark is a shopping revolution that has generated many copycats but no matches. 




There are officially 17 resident food vendors at Shoreditch’s Boxpark, which can be subject to change. As East London is a really trendy, current area, a lot of the vendors offer diverse food for a number of different diets, particularly great vegan eats. 


Options such as What the Pitta! Is a firm favourite with herbivores – after, co-founder, Cem concluded that he was consuming meat and dairy no more, his partner Roj took him to Germany to taste his uncle’s vegan döner. Just two weeks later and What the Pitta was founded at The Pump in Shoreditch. Their unique take on popular British late-night bite has transformed the vegan contributions available in London and it appears as though their customers can’t get enough; including Grime legend, JME.


There’s also an abundance of sweet treats on offer, too, from the likes of Dum Dums Donutterie. They offer a variety of freshly baked, not fried, handmade and greatly lower-in-fat doughnuts, with the famous Dum Dum Cronut part of their limited collection. Carrying on from their triumph at Westfield Shopping Centre, the originator, patisserie owner and artisan chef, Paul Hurley brought his little hoops of heaven to Shoreditch. 


As well as great food, there are also two bars on the top floor. Though their views aren’t quite as impressive as the ones on offer at The Montcalm at Brewery London City, where we’ll be delighted to welcome you for a tipple or two. 


After you’re fed and watered, take a stroll around the quirky clothing, cosmetics, gifts and lifestyle stores that call Boxpark their home. A particular highlight is Get A Drip, who are revolutionising the wellness industry with their vitamin drips, once only available to celebrities in the know, with Get A Drip they are now available to everyone. With Get A Drip, you don’t need to spend a day suffering from a hangover after all that bar hopping, getting over a cold, feeling generally run down, jet-lagged or even recuperating from a sporting event. The thrifty Drips and Booster Shots make maximum hydration and nourishment open to all. Getting a drip not really your thing? Don’t worry – our suites in London are so relaxing and luxurious, you won’t need any help recuperating!


After some unique British souvenirs to take home from your trip? Look no further than The Gift Box – your one-stop-shop (literally!) – for all things quirky and fun. Pineapple lamps, rock star tea towels, smartphone projectors or even a bow tie for your pet dog – The Gift Box is packed to the rafters with things you never even realised you needed…but you suddenly definitely want!


Or, perhaps you’d like to take home a unique timepiece with you, to help you always remember your trip? The Camden Watch Co company was established in 2014 by practised Anglo-Swiss watch designers Anneke Short and Jerome Robert. The Camden Watch Company honours all that is British, drawing influence from both the strong industrial legacy and diverse, vibrant present of Camden Town. Each of The Camden Watch Company pieces is inspired by the area itself. From the Victorian pocket watch sparked by No. 29, taken from Camden’s railway heritage to the turquoise-blue second hands of the No. 88, centred on the iconic ‘Camden Lock’ bridge. 




Boxpark Shoreditch is located on Bethnal Green Road, at E1 6GY. The closest train station is Shoreditch High Street (it’s literally next door to the station) but it’s also within a ten-minute walk of both Liverpool Street Station and Old Street Station – both of which are served by the London Underground. The mall is open seven days a week, with different parts having slightly different operating hours.