Buckingham Palace is Open for the Summer!


One of the few remaining and working royal palaces, the Buckingham Palace is now open for Summer Tours. The palace has been opening to the summer months for over 20 years for visitors. Here are just a few things you will see on your Summer tour of Her Majesty’s Central London residence.

The Grand Staircase is the highlight of the tour. The staircase is a breathtaking bronze staircase which has designed by John Nash and commissioned by King George IV during his remodeling of the palace in 1825. The staircase has a double balustrade and features an intricate patron of acanthus, oak, and laurel leaves. The stairs are also lit by a glass dome in the ceiling. There are 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace including 19 lavishly decorated State rooms and 78 bathrooms. Some of the rooms were used for the Royal Wedding reception of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Prince William and Kate Middleton. During the summer tour, you will be whisked into room after room of sparking candelabras, marble columns, fine furniture, sculptures, and works of art.

During your summer tour, you will see some big names artists on display in the palace. You will come across paintings by Canaletto and Claude, Poussin, Rembrant, and Van Dyck Rubens. Visitors can also admire the sculptures of Canova and Chantrey on the tour. The paintings in the State rooms include portraits of past and present royals including Queen Victoria, George III, Queen Charlotte, William IV, Queen Adelaide, and naturally, the current Royal Family. The throne room in Buckingham palace is usually a favourite among visitors. This is where the investitures and ceremonial receptions take place, including The Queen’s Jubilees as well as many famous royal weddings. The throne room is also doubled as a ballroom on occasions.

As part of the summer tour, visitors will receive free audio guides to use while they are in the palace. The audio tour is introduced by The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and takes you through all 19 state rooms and well as the annual special exhibition. These audio guides are available in numerous languages and there are also interactive family tours and tours for deaf and blind visitors.

Do not miss out on this majestic opportunity while you are in London. Check out Planning your Visit to Buckingham Palace to get the most out of your trip and make sure to book Accommodation near Brewery Road London City for a luxury experience fit for Royalty.