Count your chance of visiting these 10 most attractions of Scotland


Glasgow of Scotland will organise the 2014 Commonwealth Games which will experience the participants of a few thousands. Worldwide 70 nations are going to make a visit at this land of legends. It is considered as one of the biggest event of the year 2014 held in this nation. Here is a list of 10 top tourist attractions in Scotland which should not be missed during this visit.

1. Edinburgh Castle:
To define the magnificent beauty of the Edinburg, one must define the Edinburg castle standing in its heart point. This historic fortress is standing on the castle Rock stating a history back to several generations.

2. Glasgow Cathedral:
High kirk of Glasgow or the Glasgow Cathedral is the gathering of the Church of the city. This is located within a mile on the eastern side of the George Square. It has one of the precious collection of the stained glass windows of the Britain post-war period. The strong architecture and history mesmerises the tourists visiting this place.

3. EileanDonan
Western highland of Scotland is boosted up with the presence of EileanDonan. This is a small island in Loch Duich which is attached by a footbridge with the main island only. This has become one of the most photographed location in the Scotland which has a high value in wedding and film set locations.

4. The island of Arran and Orkney
To cherish the important secrets of the Scotland, one must make a visit to the twin islands Arran and Orkney. The presence of ancient temples, stone circles, castle ruins will keep the tourists busy during their visit.

5. Ardnamurchan beach
The quiet scenery and the beautiful set up has created a deep impression while visiting the Ardnamurchan beach. The rare spotting of the marine residents such as dolphins, seals, golden eagle, white eagle, whales have made this place favourite among the visitors.

6. Melrose Abbey
Once considered as one of the most beautiful building of Scotland, Melrose Abbey is lying in the ruins at present times. The fascinating history and the fragrance of romance is creating this charm in the mind of the visitors.

7. Sterling Castle:
To enjoy the view of the most spectacular castle of Scotland, one must make a visit to the Sterling Castle placed on the vertical rock mass of castle hill.

8. Blair Drummond Park
The Blair Drummond Park is the preferred choice if you have any children in your group. This is one of the exciting place to visit offering several animals in a wild open space.

9. Cuillin Hills
No one can deny the beauty of the rolling peaks of Coiillin Hills situated on the northern-most island of Skye. Two type of diverse formations has helped this hills to build up. Red granite formation is the Red Cuiillins and and Black formation is the Black Cuiillins. Red one is softer and appericiative looking more than the black one which is harsh with sharp edges.

10. Loch Ness:
Loch Ness is the second largest lake of Scotland holding the stories of the sea monster.