London is a city full of surprises; everywhere you look is a new taste, smell or experience. This is good news for some but bad news for others who feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice at hand. One thing that London has an abundance of and is growing a culture of by the day, is the culture of the “microbrewery.” With companies such as Brew Dog being sold for millions of pounds, the world of artisanal beers and ales is becoming ever more prevalent in modern day London, not to mention lucrative. As corner shops even start selling artisanal beers you can be sure that there’s plenty of opportunity for a stiff drink in London. With so many beers to choose from and pub culture being a long held tradition in the UK, London is almost on a par with Germany’s Oktoberfest. For those visiting London with a taste for British bitters, you’ve come to the right city.


The Brewery

For guests at the Montcalm brewery hotel on chiswell street London, you’ll find right round the corner the Chiswell Street Brewery. This is an events space moulded from an old 18th century Brewery which still holds many of the architectural structures of its former life as a brewery. Whether you’re having a wedding, a birthday party or a business event, this is a great place to hold your party especially if you have an interest in the long spanning brewing history of the city.

Brewery tasting tours

As great as it is visiting the pub for one of the many independent beers on sale across the city, some of us may want to delve deeper into that world. There are plenty of brewery tours in the city and especially ones for breweries in the East of London, where more space, cheaper rent and a larger nightlife scene has meant that more and more microbreweries have begun to spring up. One that really stands out for us is the Crate Brewery Tour in Hackney Wick. This tour gives guests the opportunity to learn about the complex and in depth process used to create the delicious beers made by the brewery. You are taken step by step through the process which includes the melding of water, hops, malt, and yeast as you go behind the scenes in the Crate Beer Factory. On top of this there are also tasting sessions throughout as you learn the ins and outs of what it takes to brew beer. The tour takes around 2 hours and includes tastings of all Crate Beers and sharing platters of Pesto, olives, meats and bread.

Beer Dispenser

The Bermondsey Mile

With six microbreweries in Bermondsey putting it at the forefront of the independent brewing scene, it’s no wonder there’s a pub crawl beginning to circulate in the South London borough. If you’re looking for a night out with friends, then this is a great place to spend a boozy evening, with the Kernel Brewery being one of the many stop off points on the journey. This establishment opened in 2009 and is especially noted for its ever varying choices of Pale Ales and Indian Pale Ales.

Great Pubs in London

Whether you’re staying at Luxury Hotels in London or in a youth hostel, there’s always a pub to suit your tastes. Some of the best pubs in London include the Cross Keys, which offers a classic British Pub atmosphere in the tourist heart of London Covent Garden whilst the Victorian décor of the Princes Louise in Holborn is an after work favourite to unwind in for the busy London 9 to 5er.