Discovering museums in Bethnal Green and the rest of London


Thriving lifestyle destinations are becoming sought after in the world. With the growing popularity of Silicon Valley in America, many cities in Europe have taken inspiration and have built some of their towns within the bubbling atmosphere of art and technology intertwined.

Exploring Shoreditch London

Shoreditch in London is a prominent example, but recently another part of London has risen to the shores. Bethnal Green is fast becoming a popular area for artists – dozens of art galleries have been migrated to this part of the city, and naturally, artists have followed suit.

Bethnal Green in London
Perhaps the most famous museum in the area is the V&A museum. But if you’re looking for other museum attractions then there are plenty to find in and around the city. With the London city suites including the Montcalm brewery hotel on Chiswell street London finding luxury hotels for families has never been easier.

Found in South West London; the National History Museum is one of the most highly rated in the London. With its vast range of animal specimens from centuries past, it offers visitors an expansive view of the history of the animal kingdom. The National History Museum isn’t just a place you come to see different artefacts; it’s full of exhibitions and interactivity.

The V&A museum alongside the National History Museums are both worth visiting during your time in London – especially if you’re only here for a short time. With so much to see and do, you won’t be able to visit every gallery in the city – but we believe these two museums will provide you with a perfect taste of London’s culture.

For more of a complete insight into the city’s culture outside the central mainframe of tourist attractions, consider visiting some of the markets here. Brick Lane and Portobello comprise two of the most attractive markets and provide a delightful insight into the city’s different side.

Otherwise, also consider visiting many of the secrets gardens and parks. By taking these recommendations, you’ll leave the city far better off than you just visited the central west end attractions.