One of the great British traditions at arts festivals is the open house. This is the time of year when local artists open up their homes to the general public to showcase and sell their art work. These are often casual, diverse affairs in which you never know what you’re going to come across. The Brighton Arts Festival for instance, is famous for its open houses. One great thing about London however, is that the open houses are like no other. With Open House London, many spaces and buildings around the capital are opened up for all to enjoy. With sites all around the city centre and across North East London near The Montcalm at the Brewery London City Hotel, you’ll find a venue to float your boat wherever you’re staying in the city. On the 16th and 17th of September, you can enjoy a wide variety of art showings in a plethora of beautiful locations.

Container City at Trinity Buoy Wharf

See an alternative view of London in one of the up and coming creative hubs of the city. The very nature of Container city is revolutionary, even before the art sets in. This area is quickly growing to become one of the creative hubs of the city, with its repurposed containers acting as offices for some of the best companies in the city. This area is also home to London’s only lighthouse and used to be a buoy manufacturing site. During the Open House London weekend, visitors will be able to find a range of sculptures and installations around the scenic area.


BT Tower

The BT tower is located near Tottenham Court Road and has been a feature of London’s skyline for over 50 years. Originally designed and built by Architect G R Yeats the BT Tower was opened in 1965 and has been a major communications hub since then. What once used microwave links now use optical fibre as BT has helped spread faster internet and phone connections across the City. On the Open House weekend however, the famous revolving floor will be opened to the public and will treat visitors to a 158m view above the city right form the heart of Fitzrovia.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

This 19th century building was the original home of neo classical architect Sir John Soane and has rarely seen floors open during the London Open House weekend for visitors to peruse. With a beautiful architectural research library housed on the first and second floors, guests will find some new features previously unseen during the normal opening of the house.

Custom House

The Late-Georgian architecture of this amazing building will wow visitors as they set foot into the 58 metre neoclassical long room on the 16th of September. During your stay, guests can enjoy the architecture of Christopher Wren as well as the long spanning history of the iconic London building. It was in the previously mentioned long room where customs clerks would oversee the trade and import of goods into the city.