Explore the City like Never before – London Walks


Imagine a place where there are spectacular architectures and attractions, a beautiful place full of vivacity and splendor. Now add a brimming river to its side and you have just created an image of London in your head. The city has some of the best city parks in the world so forget the underground tube and the cabs, put on your sneakers and start exploring the city on the feet. Walking is a great way of exploring a city like London. You can discover really interesting cultural and artistic elements on the streets of London while taking a stroll. On top of all don’t forget to accommodate yourself at some central London hotel; The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City can be a recommended hotel.

There are various options of stretches where you can have a peaceful walk while being in London. The best ones among these include Green Park to South Bank 2.5 miles stretch. You will start with trees surrounding you and suddenly you will find yourself at the Queen’s doorstep and later on you can enjoy the spectacular views of the river. Besides this stretch another excellent option you can opt for, is the Wimbledon Common and Village. There are nine ponds scattered across the Common which you can look out for. The walk is extremely calming and unruffled.

If you are looking to take a stroll in the serenity of a park, we suggest you to go for the Richmond Park. There is greenery everywhere and you will be amazed with the tranquility and blooming works of nature. This park is a superb option if you have your kids around. They will love to explore this incredible park. Several other places where you can go for a walk includes The Kew Gardens,  the stretch between Trafalgar Square to the Borough Market, Sloane Square to the Camden Town and Teddington Lock to Hampton Court.