Exploring London’s East End


When you think about London, you probably think about the eclectic attractions that surround the city centre. Yet, if you plan on embarking here, you’ll be glad to know that there’s much more to London than its central attractions. The East end of the capital is full of sights, and cultural exhibits – along with its winding alleys and narrow streets – visitors can find numerous historical sites and modern experiences. Besides, many of the city’s most famous markets can be found here. So, if you decide to stay right in the East end, you’ll be able to enjoy the range of markets with (along with the other unique attractions in London’s east end) with the utmost ease.

Some visitors often compromise on their accommodation due to cost. But those who’ve travelled frequently know just how much how much of a difference a luxurious accommodation can make to a holiday experience. Naturally, we invite you to book an accommodation at one of the luxury accommodation London city provides. The Montcalm hotel at the brewery London city is a quintessential hotel, which can be found right next to Barbican St Pancras station – connecting visitors to numerous destinations across Europe. Besides, the area is also home to many business centres, so those looking for business hotels in London will most certainly find themselves at home in London’s East End.

London Restaurants
East London is an area of close communities, reflecting the melting pot of nationalities that can be found in the city. Shoreditch is perhaps the most well recognized area in London, and is frequently nicknamed as Tech City or the Silicon Valley of London. Brick Lane, would be the second most notable area in the east end – famous for its markets and ethnic restaurants – it continues to draw thousands of tourists every year.

Exploring East London

The markets are famous for their fresh produce, gluten-free pastries and small jewellery items. Brick Lane blends old London with new London, and that’s part of its charm. Here guests can find some of the best street art in the city with names such as Banksy, Ben Eine, and d*Face making their mark with the art displays on a few street corners in the city.

Staying at the brewery London city affords you the opportunity to discover the East end in its full breadth. If you’ve visited London before, but didn’t feel that you discover the city in its full essence, exploring the east end and seeing it for what it is – will fill that sense of lack and broaden your view of the capital. In a city that’s so large, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and so it’s very much true that a single visit isn’t enough to get the full London experience. Book your stay in the East End today, and experience London in its full magnificence.