Exploring Mayfair’s most exclusive destinations


Mayfair is perhaps the most affluent area in London, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Its three major attractions included the Wellington Arch, the famous residence of the Duke of Wellington, and the renowned Royal Academy of Arts. Here, guests will also find a range of shopping stores. Considering many travellers visit the city for its abundant range of shopping avenues; Mayfair delightfully meets the needs of those looking for the best in beautiful jewellery, vintage watches, and bespoke fashion.

Vintage Watches
Guests looking for luxury hotels London will find that many of the best accommodations can be found close to Mayfair. This, of course, includes the Montcalm brewery hotel on Chiswell street London. The Montcalm chain is known for its opulent style of suites, and range of business facilities for the modern traveller. Those who love the area of Mayfair feel that the level of class personified by every bar and restaurant, every attraction and cultural venue, speaks to the highest values of refinement and luxury.

The area is unequivocally British in every sense. Naturally, many international travellers choose to stay here. Green spaces such as Hanover Square and the beautifully refined Victorian buildings make Mayfair one of London’s jewels. Fortnum and Mason, a must visit for those looking for luxury confectionery – will find this place right in the heart of Mayfair.

So if you were hesitating about where to stay, we hope this article gives you a greater sense of clarity. For other luxurious areas in London, also consider Kensington High Street, Marble Arch, Marylebone and Hyde Park. Funnily enough, many of these locations are all closely located to each other.

Marylebone London
Wherever you end up staying, make sure it fits in with the kind of holiday you’re after. If you want to have a little more of a relaxed, yet still luxurious stay, Mayfair and Bayswater are among your best bets.

Book your stay in London’s Mayfair this season and experience the community spirit, sense of luxury and sophistication, first hand. You won’t regret your choice, and we’re sure you’ll come back for more.