Father’s Day Celebration


Father’s day sure is a day when you can spend time with your family and for a change show your dad that you care about him, a sentiment that often escapes our daily routine. Doing something to make your father feel special is an idea most are not comfortable with, but it doesn’t have to be an emotional thing, there are loads of cool things you can do to please your dad. The city always has a lot to offer on events such as this. This June, it was all about planning a day according to the ‘likes’ n ‘dislikes’ of your dad and spending some quality time. Booking a stay at Montcalm Brewery Hotel London would assure you a memorable day with your dad; and the celebration packages here would surely make him feel special.

For those interested in arts, there were several interesting art exhibitions across the city. Or taking a walk around different parts of London turns out to be a pleasant, quite time spent well. Several comedy shows and plays were lined up around this time where you could see a number people turning up.

The favourite part of majority of people turned out to be outdoor activities, be it drinking beer in riverside and rooftop pubs and bars or outdoor dining. The buzz and excitement was quite clearly visible and whole ambience looked quite festive even on an occasion as this which is not that popular. Especially at places like open-air theatres and movie screenings, the atmosphere was electric.

The preparation of the father’s day and the celebration that followed was something that gave every family a reason to enjoy a family outing in the most joyful manners. People of all ages and tastes enjoyed every bit of the city wide events.