Features that make London special for Americans


London is a popular tourist spot with visitors from across the globe. There is a incredible amount to see and explore in the city ranging from the medieval to the modern, which add to its charm. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, The Shard to the London Eye there are amazing attractions to visit on a trip.

For those who plan to visit London finding suitable a suitable place to stay is never an issue. From hotels in Hyde Park to accommodation near Brewery Road London City, there is a wide choice to select from.

A popular choice with visitors is The Montcalm Hotel at the Brewery London City, known for its refined elegance, fabulous customer service and competitive price. London is particularly dear to Britain’s cousins from across the Atlantic, the Americans!  There are thousands who relocate for work and millions who visit the city annually. While there are cultural similarities and the same language there are other different factors things that make the city so appealing to Americans. Some of the main differences are:

The very first thing is the scale of things in the city. Things are much more compact from cars to food and distances to commute. Meals are smaller in portion and people tend to walk a lot more that is common stateside. Apart from that with vast public transport network having a car can pose to be more of a hassle than an asset in the city. Then there is the greenery! London is one of the greenest cities on the planet definitely much more than the ubiquitous concrete jungles to be found in America. It is home to some of the most stunning and well maintained parks which can be found in all corners of the city. There are a plethora of Royal Parks like Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Regents Park and Greenwich Park to name just a few prominent green spaces. Apart from the major parks there is an abundance of smaller parks and green open spaces including squares to relax at, when you want a break from the hustle and bustle of London. And in terms of history there is an incredible amount to find all around the city. With a variety of styles of architecture including terraced houses, ancient churches and old cobbled streets complemented by modern skyscrapers and office blocks it is an incredible sight to behold.

Life in London

Shopping is one area which could be quite adventurous for an American new to the city. While quite a few of the products are similar to those back home, there will be many new brands. Many of the terms will of course be different and you will need to pack your own shopping once it has been scanned. Also you need to either pay extra for a shopping bag or carry your own. Also do not expect too many takeaway joints that make food to order. In London the norm is mostly to prepare food at the beginning of the day. While there are a number of McDonald’s and KFCs, some of the items on the menu may cater to the local taste. Most homes are much smaller than those in the US. Also the power output is 230 volts in place of the usual 120 volts back home, so those relocating need to go in for a whole lot of new appliances.

In terms of taking a weekend or city break London is the perfect city to do so. London is a terrific transport hub and is the gateway to mainland Europe. With fast trains like Eurostar that travel from London to continental Europe travelling is a breeze. There also are numerous flights from Heathrow, Gatwick or London City Airports. Weekends are the time to explore other European cities and countries.

Finding fellow Americans

The greatest concentration of Americans is to be found in West London, with many others spread across the country. The districts of Chelsea and Kensington are known to have the greatest numbers of US residents. For those looking for American food items South Kensington’s famous store Partridges, offers the most variety of basic American food items, which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Apart from the numerous cultural attractions, South Kensington is also home to some of the best architecture to be found in the city. Many of its large homes have been converted into studio apartments or flats for sale or rent. American expat families especially, those with kids favour St John’s Wood. The main reason is the ASL (American School in London) that offers an American education system same as that back home.

The area of Notting Hill is also popular with Americans and this trendy part of the city offers an eclectic mix of pubs, antique shops, street traders and boutiques. Notting Hill is a great location to experience life in the city, while offering easy access to the quieter areas of London and even Kensington Gardens. Another great area to stay is Fulham, which has classic Georgian homes close to Parsons Green, and is out of the more sought after residential spots. For the best vistas of the Thames Imperial Wharf is the place to stay.

Whatever part of the city you plan to stay at there are plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with Americans compatriots. After all it is always a good thing to have people who are from the same country as yourself, to befriend when you are relocating in a foreign country. It helps to settle into a new environment with greater ease.