Fun along the Thames


The Thames is at the heart of London both geographically and culturally. Much of the most exciting places in London are built along, or within a very brief walk of, the Thames. It divides the varied North and South sides of London, it helps supply the city, it is the reason the city exists, and it features countless incredible tourist destinations.

If you are looking for accommodation in London City it may seem more comfortable to stay inland at a place like the Montcalm Chiswell Street, but don’t overlook staying along the river. It may not be the prettiest water, but it is unparalleled in its access and significance to London.

Medieval Banquet

Few people in history have eaten as good as the Upper Class in Medieval society. If you fancy yourself a culinary fan, be sure to check out the Medieval Banquet at St Katherine’s Docks. Within the arches of an old Medieval Dining Hall you can enjoy this fantastic themed dinner. An absolute must for fans of theatrical fun, excellent entertainment, and of course authentic food. Live it up like King Henry VIII himself; there are even jesters, dancers, wenches and wassails, what more could you want?

Taking a Tour

London is geographically a very flat city; absolutely perfect for long exploratory walks. Walk far enough in London and you will learn more about this great city than you ever guessed; or you could speed up the process by investing in one of the excellent London walking tours. Guided tours like the Thames Walking Tour are a great way to learn countless pieces of information about London; especially useful in a city that is as vast and complex in London.

Duck Tours

If you don’t feel like walking, maybe you should consider one of London’s more unusual tours; the London Duck Tour. Simply clamber aboard a yellow land and sea vessel and see some of London’s top attractions from entirely new perspectives. The tour starts off on the streets as you trundle past historical landmarks such as Downing Street, Nelson’s Column, and St James’ Palace. After that, you head into the water to bob along past MI6s Secret Intelligence Service, the Houses of Parliament, and even MI5.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of those truly impressive museums; from its vast entrance hall, to the wonderful works within. The giant reddish orange former power house is home to some truly astounding works of art. As the name implies, the works are all Modern Art, so if that is not what you like, perhaps consider heading over to the Tate Britain further down the river. There is everything from Andy Warhol to Jean Arp, enough to keep you going for hours and hours of contemplation. You can even bring in a sketchpad and try your own take on the masters.

The London Eye

The London Eye is one of those fantastic (relatively) new experiences that have only added to London. In addition to being quite a cool visual on the London skyline, the London Eye gives you a fascinating and unparalleled perspective on London. The view of our vast city from above is absolutely amazing, especially because the city is so flat. It is well worth the price of admission and the half an hour or so that the trip will take.