Getting Overwhelmed in the Summer Festivals of Trodheim


Trodheim, Norway is the destination of some of the best and widest range of events and festivals in summer. This is the traditional pilgrim festival of Trodheim where there is always something in offer for each and every one of you. Food festivals, music, dance and entertainment are all featured here in an extravagant way.

Throughout the year Norway features a great variety of events and festivals. This reaches the height during the summer months. If you visit Trodheim during this time of the year, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the whole place dancing to the local tunes, and happy people buzzing around with activities. You may also find various fish festivals and some of the best food festivals in the world.

Some of the most popular summer festivals in Trodheim include:

Jazzfest from 7th to 17th May

It has rightly been said that the weariness and lethargy of everyday life is washed away by a single dose of jazz music. Spanning the period between 7th and 17th May every year, the country becomes musical and every stage and every district is flooded with European and Scandinavian Jazz artists playing some of the best music and mesmerizing tourists and visitors. The music revitalizes you in the truest sense and frees you from all your everyday worries and tensions of life. During this time, everywhere you go, your ears will get to hear the sweet Jazz music. Today Jazzfest is a national event of Norway when you get to witness more than 70 brilliant concerts. The fest also highlights the talent of young Jazz artists.

Olavsfestdagene celebrated between 26th July and 3rd August

This festival is one of the most popular summer festivals in Trodheim, Norway and has its origin in a traditional pilgrim festival that used to be celebrated long back. The festival is a musical extravaganza and is a great opportunity to bring together the guests from every corner of the country and the local people. The festival centers around the Nidaros Cathedral by the River Nidelva and then runs on to be one of the most sought after musical adventures.

Pstereo running on 15th and 16th August

This is viewed as an explosive event in Trodheim. It is a two – days long musical event that is celebrated every year at Marinen in Trodheim City Center. More than 7000 people attend the festival, most of them being students. Pstereo showcases the talent of many upcoming bands. You may also attend club concerts and enjoy yourself in the Saturday picnic with your whole family.