Good Shopping near Hoxton Overground


One of the nice things about staying in a hotel in the East End is you get to experience the that life Londoner’s live. The 5 star hotels in London West End may be lovely, but the shopping in that area is very much the sort of shopping you could find in any country. High fashion outlets that, while lovely, fail to conjure an authentic London feel when you shop there. If you are looking for that, then a trip to the East End and the area around Hoxton Overground Station is your best bet.

KK Outlet

Hip young fashion lovers will love this KK Outlet in Hoxton Square. The large multifunctional space is typical of the Hackney area; one part gallery, one part fashion store, one part communications agency that serves such companies as Diesel, Absolute, and MTV Japan. It’s a perfect venue for lovers of beauty.

Angela Flanders

Thirty years of perfume experience and wisdom come out in the incredible store run by the esteemed Angela Flanders. With all natural ingredients she crafts an incredible range of perfumes and home and linen fragrances. Better yet she offers bespoke perfumes and consultations for clients with very specific preferences.

Columbia Road Flower Market

For a burst of colour and natural beauty be sure to get to the Columbia Road Flower Market. This historic street fills to overflowing with a bright patchworkof dozens of flowerstalls. Definitely London’s sweetest smelling, and pretties if we’re honest, market; the Columbia Road Flower Market is the ideal place if you are looking to improve your garden, invest in some truly fresh herbs, or simply by a romantic gift for that special someone.

Spa Day

An important thing to remember when on a shopping spree is that not all the best purchases are material. Some of the best treats for your body only last a few hours, but the effect they can have is incredible. If you feel the world wearing you down, then it is time to book yourself into a spa at the Montcalm Hotels. A day treating the body will rejuvenate you in ease stresses you didn’t even know you were carrying.

Exploring East London

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

A true London holiday should involve experiences of all kinds. There is a delightful naughtiness to Sh! the friendly erotic emporium in Hoxton Square. A hot cup of tea and helpful, knowledgeable staff are ready to talk you through any questions you may have while browsing their collection of toys. This is a safe space for women so men are not allowed in unless accompanied by a woman. It is a friendly and welcoming environment, well recommended for curious women young and old.


What more reason do you need to attend Bookartbookshop than the excellent name? The store offers an extensive range of books on art and artists’ books; a broader collection than you can find most anywhere else. There are friendly and approachable staff ready to help; a long way from the stuffy galleries where you would normally find this sort of work.