London has a long history of the macabre. From the legends of the Great Plague to the horrifying myths of Jack the Ripper, London has a dark underbelly spanning back centuries. This is why the great city, rife with atmosphere already, makes a perfect setting for your next Halloween. With hotels such as London Montcalm City the Brewery Hotel bringing Halloween vibes to the luxury hotels of Shoreditch, you can expect more than fun decorations from the city of London. Whether you’re visiting with family or on a romantic getaway, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in London this halloween.

London Dungeons

London Dungeons

No family Halloween in London is complete without a visit to the London Dungeons. This interactive tour takes you through many eras of history, from the Great Plague to the tyrannical reign of King Henry VIII. With stories about Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes and ominous rides with names such as “Drop Dead”, there’s plenty to keep you on your toes, and that’s before you’ve even met the creepy actors taking you through the labyrinthine maze of grisly history. Both informative and entertaining, the London Dungeons is definitely one for the family, but not for the sensitive or faint of heart.

 Ghost tours at Hampton Court Palace

 Hampton Court

As the home of many royals over the five centuries of its life, there have been several notable deaths and eery legends surrounding the palace. From the death of Jane Seymour, who died during childbirth to the many maids and footmen who met their end on the grounds, there is now a wide range of alleged hauntings in the famous palace. Halloween is a better time than ever to visit this iconic castle, ghost tours occurring on only Halloween and two other days in the the year. There are both family tours and adult tours, and we’ll leave it to your steeliness to choose which one to take.

Prince Charles cinema all nighter screenings

The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester square is well known for its screenings of classic  and cult films. As the home of the famous all nighter film screenings, the Prince Charles Cinema has been known for playing all three Lord of the Rings Films back to back, as well as trilogies such as Star Wars and James Bond classics. On halloween you’ll find a wide range of classic horror films playing all night, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the titular Halloween film. Whatever you’re into, and whether you’re visiting with friends or family, you’ll no doubt find a suitable spooky screening for your cinema sensibilities.

 Viktor Wynd Museum of curiosities

 Inspired by the 19th century Victorian Wunderkabinnets, this small museum operated by lecture and writer Viktor Wynd, is a museum dedicated to the weird and the wonderful. With the likes of two headed lambs, mermaids and more authentic dodo bones, the cute museum is filled to the brim with curiosities from around the world. The museum itself is one of the most surreal and unique in London, definitely not for the faint of heart, whilst also operating as a bar. Based in Cambridge Heath, the suitably trendy, yet wacky establishment is definitely worth a visit during the Halloween period.