High Adventure on Low budgets


Forget far off ski or snowboarding trips to Switzerland or France, this year’s latest extreme sport fad is micro-adventuring. Put simply, it is an off the cuff trip where sports like cycling, hiking and swimming take the leading role. It is far more accessible than skiing or snowboarding as none (or very little) specialist equipment is required.

All it takes for an amazing micro adventure break is some friends, some spontaneity, a little bit of basic camping attire and maybe a good pair of walking boots or a faithful bike. A small bivvy is also advisable as it is smaller and more lightweight than an actual tent.

Now that you know what you need to take with you, you’ll want to know where to head. That all depends on the sort of micro adventure break you have in mind. If you’re looking to get some serious hiking in then head to Wales- a land famous for its hills and mountains, and picturesque landscapes. Though of course remember that temperatures drop according to altitude so take warm clothing and a snug sleeping bag if you’re planning a little over-night jaunt.

Knowing how to light a campfire might also be a useful tool on a micro adventure, so if that’s not something you’re confident with be sure to take a friend who can assist you! It’s worth knowing that it is actually illegal to sleep rough anywhere in the UK, but as long as you are considerate towards locals, and you keep your head down quietly, nobody really seems to mind too much as long as you are not camped out on private property. Okay it might not be the same as sleeping in one of the best hotels in London, but you’re guaranteed fun, frolics and memories to savour for years to come.

What exactly is meant by the term ‘micro adventure break’?

A micro adventure may even be something as simple as heading out of the door for the day with your family or friends and escaping city life for a few small hours, whether that’s to a little urban lake or perhaps even to the coast. You could take a picnic or a disposable barbecue and have an absolute blast making memories away from commercialism and city chaos.

The key to micro adventures is to strip it back to basics and keep things simple. This isn’t the sort of day out that requires hours of meticulous planning, in fact the rule seems to be the less plans, the better when it comes to micro adventures! The most difficult part of the trip is actually deciding where to head, after that plans are pretty much scrapped and the idea is to go with the flow.

Ireland can be a fantastic destination for a micro adventure break, especially if you head to the North to Lake Neagh, which is the largest lake in the UK. If it is serenity and tranquillity you’re after then this is the place for you, as you paddle along the lake, you’ll see lots of wildlife and not much else. It’s the perfect place to be alone with your thoughts and to clear your head from the pressures of everyday life which can sometimes be so draining. Remember though the point of a micro adventure break is to carry very little equipment with you as you travel, most specialised equipment like climbing harnesses, canoes or kayaks can be hired at the location rather than taking your own and having to cart it around with you the whole time.

Scotland can also provide awesome micro break adventures, as its towering hills can be a hiker’s paradise, and though the fun of the climb is great, the views from the top are unmatchable. You can enjoy taking in the sights of the country as you sit around a cosy campfire. Often campfires are where connections are made, and friendships can become deeper through shared experiences and late night conversations.

Can you really escape the city?

Lest you think that England is too city-like to provide much room for a micro adventure mini break, you should remember that Eastbourne coast, for example, is just a short train journey away from many of the best hotels in London. And its pebble beach shoreline is as good a place as any to partake in a little beach barbecue session. Or, you could throw back to your childhood and compete with friends to see who can skim rocks along the sea the best. Sometimes in a very high tech world, the simple pleasures of life get lost along the way.

Micro adventure breaks are all about rediscovering the simplest things that often provide the greatest pleasure and enjoyment.