Hotels London UK


London is the number one destination for tourists wanting a city break. Each year, the number of tourists arriving in the city increases, with an estimated fifteen million overnight visitors in 2010. With the Olympic Games just around the corner, predictions estimate the number of visitors to be significantly higher.

If you have tickets to the Olympic Games, or you simply want to visit the city to experience some of the wonderful things on offer, then you may be interested in the following article. Here, we discuss the various types of overnight accommodation available in the city.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are by far the cheapest type of accommodation available in the entire city, and it is possible to find accommodation for as little as £6 a night.For those prices, though, do not expect much privacy. Youth hostels tend to comprise of dormitory sleeping arrangements, and you will usually share the room with as many as 15 people. Clearly, if you like a place to relax in private at the end of the day, then a youth hostel is not for you. There are private rooms available, but they tend to cost a little more money.Food is generally not included in the price, but you can cook your own food the communal kitchen provided.They are great for making friends and meeting new people, but you do not choose who you share a room with, and you may not get along with everyone.

Bed and Breakfast

The bed and breakfast is the next cheapest alternative to the youth hostel, with rooms starting from as little as £25 a night.The bed and breakfasts vary considerably; at the bottom end of the scale, you will normally find a cosy bedroom, with a shared bathroom. At the luxury end, you will find plush accommodation, en suite facilities and all the usual amenities you would expect from a hotel.Bed and breakfasts tend to be intimate affairs, and you can learn a lot of insider knowledge from the staff, they are great for learning about the London that belongs to the locals, for finding where the best places to eat are, the best theatre shows, comedy venues, etc.


Hotels London UK also vary considerably, ranging from two star accommodation to 5 star Accommodation near Brewery Road London City .A luxury hotel London will set you back a fair amount of money, with prices starting from around £150 a night, but if your budget stretches that far, they are well worth the money. The budget hotels start from around £50 a night, and although they are bottom of the range, they are clean and comfortable.Hotel accommodation allows for greater privacy, but it is harder to meet new people, and to learn about the city from the locals.

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