business trip to london

Most of the time business trips coincide with a drawn out sigh from the staff member who’s being tasked with it. A business trip means several things for those weary travellers. It means time away from the family, both a blessing and a curse in that you will revel in some much needed peace and quiet but will also begin to feel lonely due to the lack of noise. The hotel rooms can begin to meld into one, even if you’re staying at the top notch Montcalm brewery hotel on Chiswell street London. All the great service and comfort can’t quell the restlessness that comes with solo travel. Another problem with business travel is that the time in which you can fully appreciate the new setting you find yourself in is limited as your schedule is based solely round meetings and trade shows. It is hard not appreciate the city but in the limited time you get to yourself, you may want to banish any homesickness by seeing at least some of what London has to offer. You never know, you could kill two birds with one stone, satisfying both your work needs and your tourist ones.

Theatre Characters

West End Shows

One perk of business travel is that you almost always end up being entertained by your city hosts. If you have a taste for the theatrical then perhaps you could wangle a trip to the West End. London’s Soho and Leicester Square area is the heart of London’s performance culture and plays host to some of the most famous and long running plays and musicals in the world. These include Wicked at the Apollo Theatre in Victoria as well as Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at St Martins Theatre. This is a great way to sample London’s broad and rich tapestry of artistic performances and means you are enjoying London’s nightlife without impeding on business hours, many plays being performed in the evening or matinees on the weekends.

Dine Out

Dash out for dinner

London has so many opportunities for dining that it’s hard to pick just one. One benefit about staying with London City Suites is that they’re very close to some great restaurants including the Jugged Hare. This is perfect for anyone who wants to sample British Cuisine just round the corner from the Montcalm. This amazing Gastro Pub focuses primarily on Seasonal British game, with its mouth-watering selection of spit roasted meats, wild fish and shellfish. Other great options for a quick bite in the Barbican Area include the amazing Pham Sushi, a restaurant focussing on, you guessed it, Sushi, traditionally rolled and hand made. Other great options further afield include China Town in Soho, where guests will find an abundance of Chinese restaurants which bustle with life and take you right to the heart of London’s multiculturalism. Other great fast paced areas to look out for world class restaurants for after-hours is in Chelsea, Shoreditch and Brixton.

london tour guide

Tourist attractions

Whilst you may find yourself studying spreadsheets more than Turner paintings on your business trip, you will still have a chance to see some of London’s many attractions. This is due to the fact so many are central and easy to find from London’s business hubs of Old Street and Canary Wharf. Try holding a meeting in London’s Shard, where you can haggle a deal breaker over a mind blowing view of London. On top of this, the South Bank can prove to be an effective meeting spot, with its many bars and restaurants as well as its striking view of the River Thames. To make your business trip fruitful and feel more just like a trip, find locations where you can work but which really shed light on the true character of the city.