How to Turn your Travel Disasters into Hit Stories


If you are a regular traveler, then travel disasters are no strangers to you. The most happening mishap during your holiday is most definitely those related to getting hopelessly lost in strange cities. Most of the times the local tourists maps are good, but sometimes they seem to goof up, and the result is that you are going round and round and round, in a place where you know no one, can’t speak their language and look like a total idiot.

Suppose you have gone out for a late night drink or a light snacks, or may be looking for an internet café for chatting online. You may be carrying the map, as you should always do. But taking a single wrong turn in a big and crowded city may put you off by several kilometers from the hotel. By the time you realize that you have goofed up and get your course rectified, the shops may be closed for the day and you are left hungry and / or thirsty.

Losing your way and finding it again is the commonest yet the least serious of the troubles that you may land into. There are some much more serious ones, and they happen with everybody, no matter how experienced a traveler he or she may be. However, one significant point about the travel disasters is that they make quite an interesting hearing and so, can make highly exciting stories. Sometimes they are funny, and are enjoyed the most by people who are not into traveling that much.

Suppose you come back home from a long trip – may be one of the best in your life. People around you would like to know how it was. Now, if you go on a detailed account of the trip to a person who has never been to any place beyond his city, you will not be able to hold his attention for long. But suppose you had a few mishaps on the trip, like losing your way in a strange city, losing your passport or cash or both, or getting waylaid by policemen speaking an altogether unknown language, you can rest assured that you will get a lot of audience. People love to enjoy and laugh at others’ miss – ups.

However, these are not the stories that typical travel – buffs will enjoy. They will be more interested in knowing the places you had visited and how exotic they were and where to stay and such other information.