London Art Festivals- Events Celebrating Art


London is the top leisure destination because it is powered by the best of nature and entertainment in every possible domain of social life. The cultural scene is diverse and dynamic just like the vibrant Londoners. The cultural scene is made rich by the art festivals that are spread across each of the month in the annual event calendar of London. So, if you want to take an active part in these art festivals of London you should make immediate plans to visit London and have a lifetime opportunity of sharing close moments of master artists in some of the biggest art festivals of the world, staged at varied venues of the city of London in United Kingdom. Contact the travel agents who will schedule your London trip and will make availability of London hotel deals an easy affair.

Art Events in London

London art events mean an explosion of creative pursuits in the cultural life of the Londoners. These festival or events are equally appreciated by people flocking from different corners of the globe. These art festivals in London are the platform which marks the convergence of the best minds and connoisseurs of art.

The range is huge-right from classical dance, fine arts, and performing arts like theatre, pantomimes, and musicals. All such events are highly enjoyable.

A Glance Of Some Of The Famous Art Festivals in London

Numerous is the word when we talk how many art events are celebrated all round the year in London. Here’s a brief insight into some reputed ones.

Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park– paradise for the art lovers because you just don not get to see the pieces of artwork, but you can even buy them at reasonable prices. You get to enjoy free workshops sessions. Kids are given opportunity to participate in craft sessions.

Frieze Art Fair- largest among modern art fairs in the world. Contemporary art works are displayed. You get to see works of both veteran and emerging artists.

London Art Fair- showcase of modern British Art. Contemporary art and photography gets displayed in the galleries.

Gerhard Richter Exhibition London- an art festival celebrating five decades of art in a retrospective show.

London Film Festival- you get to enjoy the most upcoming, hot films of the world. This festival is clubbed with premiere shows, celebrity appearances and talks. In 2012, LFI will step into its 56th year.

Other Hot Events You Can Catch Up

Shakespeare Exhibition at British Museum, Degas Dancers at Royal Academy, and Grayson Perry at British Museum are some other art festivals worth enjoying in London.

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