London has become a haven for not only tourists, but people around the world. Ever since its humble beginnings in the Roman era, London has become one of the prime cities that people flock to in the country. Back then this was mostly due to its ideal trading route along the River Thames but due to the wealth that this brought in, slowly became the crown jewel in Britain’s many cities. The city has, over time become one of the major international epicentres for business, entertainment, fashion and sport. This means that many boutique hotels such as the Montcalm at the Brewery London City have begun to take hold of the cities accommodation game due to their perfect location and flexible services. Below is a list of a few of the things that you can do in London which also make it stand out as the bright beacon of the UK.

Live like kings and queens with London’s vast history

Whether it’s Windsor Castle on the outskirts of the city or Buckingham Palace in its centre, you can marvel and learn about London’s regal history with just a quick train journey. With such a vast history and many palaces and houses built by its wealth of aristocrats, noblemen and royal family members, it’s definitely worth checking out iconic landmarks such as Kensington Palace. The home of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the palace based in the borough of Chelsea has been the official residence of many members of the Royal Family over the years. This, along with many other houses hold within them century’s worth of history, giving people a unique insight into the architecture and background to one of the longest running dynasties of the international Royal family world.

Windsor Castle

Take a trip through the business capital of the country

London is still one of the international hubs for money making and banking. Although you may find it mundane going to the Barclays building or checking out a trading floor in Canary Warf, you can visit the Bank of England Museum which gives you a great history of what the UK’s monetary background. Located within the Bank of England, the Museum is located in, unsurprisingly, the Bank area of London. What’s more, staying in Accommodation near Brewery Road London City will place you in close proximity to one of the busiest financial hubs of the city, near Liverpool Street Station.

Be dazzled by the wicked West End

Checking out the vast amount of theatre in London has never been easier, with many cheap and discounted tickets being available for buying online. The only problem is, that with so many options and areas of London to check out for Theatre, you are truly spoilt for choice. With smaller fringe theatres located in Soho and cultural London areas such as Shoreditch, Dalston and Camden, you’ll find the larger spectacles predominantly available in the West End area of the city. At the moment musicals such as the Lion King, Kinky Boots and Wicked are available to see all around Victoria, Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

Take a culture trip at London’s many art galleries

As a cultural hub of Europe, London has many art galleries which celebrate both modern and classical works of art by both nationally and internationally recognised artists. At Galleries such as the Tate Modern, Tate Britain and National Portrait Gallery, visitors can see a diverse range of art works in many mediums whilst also not having to pay a penny for the major exhibits. Who said London had to be expensive?

British Pub

Take a sip on a British Beverage

England is well known for its traditional British Pubs and London has many buzzing establishments dotted around the city. Whatever borough you find yourself in, stop in to a public hosue for a British Ale or Lager. What’s more, the cities ever growing culture of Craft Breweries makes finding a new and exciting whistle wetter even easier.