London Food Events 2012


British culinary delights are no more a subject of laughter. People in Britain are no more seen as tea addicts. No doubt, afternoon tea is still popular in the nation and a favourite beverage with the British; today, the city wakes up the food connoisseur in every visitor. With thousands of restaurants spread around the city, you can find almost any type of food in London. Whether you are an American, Arabian, Indian, Italian, Thai or African, you can find innumerable delicacies that you can relate to. So, every food lover in the world is bound to feel at home in London.

The year 2012 is packed with immense surprises for food lovers in London. Every month special food events will be taking place and offering visitors in the city a chance to sample a vast variety of innovative and sumptuous gourmet delights. Many of the city’s restaurants will be seen participating in these food events. London Food Festival and London Restaurant Festival are among the many grand food events to be held this year.

Potential visitors can also be a part of the food events aimed at selling and buying British produce. Farmers from around the country participate in these events organized by food societies and markets. Some of the major food events taking place in London this year will be:

  • Swiss Cottage Farmers Market 4 April, 2012
  • Weekly Organic Market, Waltham Forest 29 April, 2012