London Free Events 2012


Free London events are always a big delight for visitors in the city. Interestingly, the year 2012, brings for all potential visitors of London a bundle of surprises in terms of free events. Whether you are interested in exhibitions or reading, there are events to cater to an array of interests. So, the year promises a wonderful time ahead for locals and visitors.

From 1st Apr 2012 to 6th Apr 2012, Lucy Sparrow’s Solo Show ‘Imitation’ 2012 will be hosted at Hoxton Gallery situated on Hoxton Street. To be held in respect to the original ‘Sensation’ show, this show will throw light on the imitated works of internationally acclaimed artists including Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst and more. Popular for her sense of humour, Lucy Sparrow will surely enthrall art lovers with her thought provoking collection.

From 24th Jun 2011 to 10th Sep 2012, ‘A City of Sculpture’ event will be held at Berkeley Square. The highlight of the event will a large-scale sculpture created by world famous sculptor Jeff Lowe in Berkeley Square. The event will be a part of the Olympics celebration in the City of Westminster. Jeff has been working on this sculpture for six months now with a team of assistant. Watching the mammoth sculpture will surely be a memorable experience for one and all, especially because it is a free event. The nearest tube station is Green Park.

Some other free events to take place in London this year are:

  • A Place In The Sun Live 30th Mar 2012 to 1st Apr 2012
  • Abstract Critical Newcomer Awards 30th Jan 2012 to 20th Apr 2012

Make hotel bookings in advance and enjoy a budget friendly and eventful holiday in London.