London is Not All That Expensive


A few years back, London might have been the most expensive city in the world but not so, any more. As per present indications it is less expensive than Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. It now ranks 16th in the list of most expensive cities in the world, as per a Mercer Survey based on the comparative costs of over 200 items in 143 cities. It is now listed below Paris, Geneva and Hong Kong. As a result, the common perception that it is difficult to stay in London is now no longer true. A lot of good things in London are now the cheapest.

In many aspects of staying in London for sightseeing or for business purposes, it is possible to keep your staying expenses to a minimum such as having superb food at an affordable rate. Starting from breakfast that you can have at E. Pellicci’s on Bethnal Green Road that offers tasty items with a good service, going on to have lunch at Gastronomica in Borough where you can have some bread and couple of slices of cheese and then having dinner al fresco by the Thames or buying a couple of salt beef bagels that are sold on Brick Lane, you will find cheap but delicious food items throughout the day. If you do not want to have food on the go, you can go to Time Out and find many bargain food options.

It is not only food that you can get at an affordable rate but you can also find suitable Accommodation near Brewery Road London City at a rate that will not burn a hole in your pocket. London is replete with budget hotels of all descriptions in all parts of the city. The different types of affordable hotels include cheap hotels, bed & breakfast hotels, travel inns, hostel rooms and dormitories. Irrespective of their room rates, most of these hotels offer at least a basic level of comfort with all necessary facilities. All that you need to do is to browse the internet and find the hotel that will suit you the best as regards location and cost. The recently revamped YHA St Pancras has slick double rooms from just over £50 per night. Visitors to London can also stay for £10 per night, which is a real bargain.

As regards entertainment and cultural outings, London offers many galleries and museums that have free entry such as the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the Serpentine and many others.

Cost of commuting in London can be brought down by buying an Oyster Card.

Who said London is an expensive city?