London Sightseeing


London is a city full of mesmerizing monuments and a very rich history. Many great writers and poets have walked these lands. A tour through London would be a walk through the pages of history what you have read and heard will be in front of your eyes. London not only has an exceptional history but is also no less than a paradise to tourists. There are various places to visit with great food and an array of stores to shop from.

Tours companies provide you with great offers and packages for a London tour. They have finely designed packages suitable for everyone and you can pick one that catches your interest. The British Tour and Luxury Vacations UK both provide you with great discounts on their tours. Some of the very famous tours are First Timers half day tour where you will be visiting the highlights of London, The London after Dark Tour shows you the beauty of London after the sun goes down, The Second Timers London Tour it is hardly possible for someone to get satisfied by London in just one visit this tour takes them beyond the London they know and the First Time Full Day Tour where you can see the highlights of London. If you are planning to walk by and explore the attractions; staying at some central London hotel would make the thing easier. Montcalm Brewery Hotel London is one recommended hotel for staying while in London.

They organize themed tours as well The Da Vinci Tour takes you on a journey following the footsteps of Robert and Sophie characters from Dan Brown’s famous book The Da Vinci Code. The Harry Potter tour includes a few important sites where J K Rowlings characters came to life. And other out of London tours like The Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Tour, The Cambridge and Countryside Tour, The oxford and the Cotswold tour and many more.