London through the eyes of experience


What can I say about London that you do not already know, well I’m going to tell you London through my experiences and recommendation when it comes to London, places to see and a little adventure. As you well know London is a city that is filled with history and culture, it is a place where you can earn something new almost about every street corner should you want to dig hard enough. Walking through the streets of London is like walking through real history, the events take took place and the timeless tales that we still tell today.

When you look back at some of the old maps of London, it was considerably smaller than the London you see today, but with thanks to the great fire London extended it barriers and this is how it started to grow and crossing the Thames. There are many famous land marks and museums about the city that can all explain and give you a little more insight to the history of the city and the maps are rather intriguing, Museum Mile is one of the most popular ones that have in the most history of London.

If you want to have a little fun whilst in the city then you should know that your possibilities are endless, there are so many things for you to experience and explore whist in the city, you are able to enjoy the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, a cruise on the Thames, then there is the exciting night life when you discover that London does not sleep, it is a city that thrives off excitement.

If you are looking to have something of a ‘local adventure’ whilst in the city and you want to see what the people of London do and live like the you should travel to the capital when there are one of the many festivals and local markets on. It is a time when people get together in the hundreds and thousands to browse through the stalls, especially the food and Christmas markets that will soon be opening. Many of the ‘festivals’ that are on attract many of the locals and tourist alike, don’t miss your opportunity to have some fun and rub shoulders with the Londoners.

I could go on and list all of the specific things that you should and could do whilst in London but it really does depend on what type of break,, weekend or stay you are looking for, there are so many ‘touristy’ attractions that you will need a month to get through them all, then you have the parks and gardens that offer you nothing but relaxation and tranquillity all year round, if you want a spa break then choose The Montcalm London City At The Brewery Hotel, and if you want a thrill seeking weekend then look no further. London is magical because it can offer everyone everything and at the same time, there is no saying what is right or wrong when it comes to London.

One of my favourite London experiences has to be getting the train into the city on a Friday, checking into my hotel, then heading out along the Thames, and at this time you can witness the change in the city, from 3pm Friday afternoon the locals and co-workers take off their ties and relax, you can feel it spread through the city like a rash. After people watching for an hour or two, I find myself returning to my hotel for my reservation for a delectable meal before a night cap in the bar, then an early night before I head to the spa for a Saturday treat and once I have been relaxed and polished what else is there to do than explore the secrets of Hyde Park or St James Park, the Botanical Gardens or Regents Park, enjoying the peace of the city before I join the other tourist to have some London fun, this can involve a restaurant with friends, with a night filled with giggles and dancing, Sunday morning has to be a room service breakfast with all the trimmings, before a long soak in the bath before a check out, unless I am staying for a long weekend then you know my Sunday night is going to be occupied by the magnificent West End, with timeless shows that I have seen time and time again, it is somewhat comforting.

Find your own London experience and take advantage of everything the city has to offer you, there is so much in one place for you to enjoy and take part in, make the most of your time and experiences in London, it is always recommended that you have a three night break in the city to be able to relax and take it all in, often you can be rushing and you ca miss the opportunity to appreciate what it happening in front of you.