London Travelcard Benefits


London is pure fun to be at. This wonderful metropolis is popular for its breathtaking tourist attractions, luxurious lifestyle, fashionable high streets and colourful nightlife. Sightseeing is an extremely pleasurable activity in London, courtesy its numerous historical buildings and monuments, art galleries and museums, and royal parks. Most of these places of interest are centered in the heart of London. However, central London is spread far and wide and to visit maximum attractions in a single day, visitors are required to travel a lot by tube and/or bus. So, travelling around the city consumes a huge portion of their travelling budget. An excellent idea to subside this shock is to get a London Travelcard.

London’s public transport system is quite impressive. In fact, London Underground or as it is fondly called ‘the tube’ is the oldest underground metro system in the world. Every day thousands of people travel by the tube. All the districts of central London are also connected via an extensive bus network. However, £4.00 for a single underground ticket and £2.20 for a bus ticket seems intimidating. With a London Travelcard, you can enjoy unlimited travelling by not only tube and bus, but also on National rail, overground trains and Dockland Light Rail. It saves you from a lot of hassle as you are not required to stand in the ticket queue again and again to buy a ticket. A 7 day Travelcard that comes with a 6 day London Pass offers you an extra day’s travelling for free. So, to make your sightseeing experience cheap, go for a London Travelcard.