London’s famous military museums


When it comes to museums, London has an incredible number of them, 162 to be precise – as per a poll conducted by CNN Travel. The museums in London cater to a variety of tastes from arts to anthropology, science to wildlife. This is apart from the various historic landmarks and attractions to be found all over the city and its suburbs. Whether young or old, there is something for everyone to be found in London. With so much going for it, there are no surprises that London is one of the most visited tourist destinations.

For first time visitors who plan a family trip to London, it is recommended to stay in the centre of the city, so that it is convenient to sightsee and does not involve too much travel. When it comes to luxury hotels, London has some of the best in terms of facilities and comfort.

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Some of the best military Museums in the City of London to visit with the kids includes the following:

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum houses an exceptional collection of artefacts and items starting from conflicts of World War I to modern day battles. There is an impressive display of exhibits that showcase the harshness and severity of having to battle although, without which our freedom and liberty would be at stake. It features pictures, paintings, photographs, videos, letters and other personal memorabilia of soldiers among plenty of other military related items. Admission is free and the museum opens to the public from 10 am – 6pm.

The Churchill War Rooms

Just a short stroll from Buckingham Palace is The Churchill War Rooms. It was the location where Churchill spent his days during the dark period of the Second World War. There is a lot to explore in the bunker that housed Churchill and his cabinet when London was blitzed. There are the Cabinet War Rooms where all the planning was done and Churchill’s small bedroom among plenty of other interesting items and places to see. It opens to the public from 9:30 am to 6 pm on a daily basis and they do charge an admission fee.

The Tower of London

The Tower was built by William the Conqueror and is symbolic of the Norman victory over adversaries in England. Over its 900 years long existence it has served multiple purposes that include a royal residence, serving as the royal mint, an armoury, a prison and as home to the Crown Jewels. It is guarded by the fierce Beefeaters as Yeomen of the Guard who also offer exciting tours of the place. It is also home to the Fusilier Museum, which has an impressive display of weapons, uniforms and a splendid assortment of Victoria Cross medals.

National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

National Maritime Museum

This is the biggest maritime museum of its kind and is located at Greenwich. A visit to the museum offers an interesting insight into Britain’s illustrious naval history, at a time when Britannia ruled the waves. Visitors are thrilled to see and hear about fantastic tales of discoveries and the grit and determination shown by early English sea-explorers on their exceptional voyages of discovery in the new world. There are numerous displays and a fine assortment of captivating objects to keep visitors engrossed for hours. The museum’s location in a stunning park, with numerous other historical landmarks in the area makes it worthy of a day’s visit. There is no admission fee and the museum opens from 10am to 17:00 pm.

Royal Artillery Museum

The kids will love this museum as with all those who have a fascination for guns and canons. The exhibits at the museum tell a fascinating tale of the Royal Artillery that began with the Tudors. There are wonderful displays of various types of artillery and a detailed description of how they have impacted the nature of battle. That is complemented with videos complete with special effects of vision and sound, which make it all the more compelling an experience.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most famous landmarks of the city, Buckingham Palace is the official royal residence of the reigning monarch. It opens to the public in the summer and at other certain parts of the year, with visitors having the option to book a guided tour of its magnificent State Rooms. Another famous event not to be missed is the ceremonial Changing of The Guard, which takes place every morning at 10:00 am. Just ensure you are well before time to garner a suitable vantage point as it tends to get jam-packed with visitors and tourists.

HMS Belfast

Visiting a battleship is always a humbling experience and one such maritime warrior is the HMS Belfast. It offers an insight into the lives of men and women who have lived and fought from cramped spaces – something which the majority of us cannot even imagine. With nine decks to explore there is a lot to see and experience on the HMS Belfast. The display offers an interesting insight into the way the battleship operated and visitors step out with a new found sense of appreciation for our brave and selfless sailors and soldiers as they traverse the lengths of the oceans.

The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is a former tea-clipper built in the early 19th century that was used to transport tea and wool from China and other countries to Britain. In its many trips it visited practically all of the major ports of call at that time. After its retirement it was handed to the Thames Nautical Training College where it served as an auxiliary cadet training vessel for the Navy. Later she was shifted and moored permanently at Greenwich. It underwent a fair bit of restoration after damage from an onboard fire. Visitors can explore the entire ship and the fascinating exhibits from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm.