Whitehall is an area of London associated with the British Government due to the many departments based there. This is where No.10 Downing Street is based, the residence of the Prime Minister as well as the Ministry of Defence and the Houses of Parliament. For any tourists interested in discovering and learning about the British Government, it is within a mere 20 minute tube journey of the Montcalm at the Brewery London City and will bring you right into the heart of where the major decisions regarding the future of the Unite Kingdom are made. Not only is Whitehall a great historical site to visit due to its hundreds of years of being the heart of the government, but there are also a range of other attractions luring visitors to the area.

Government sightseeing spots

Let’s start with the main attraction of the Whitehall area. With so many exquisite examples of architecture including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Parliament Road is a treat even to just walk down. Although you can’t enter it as it is guarded and sealed from the general public, number 10 Downing Street is visible from outside the gates. Although guests can’t go into the house lived in by the Prime Minister, they can get guided tours around the houses of parliament. Led round the magnificent Westminster Palace by Blue Badge guides who can give detailed information in a variety of different languages, the 90 minute tour takes you through Westminster Hall, the Queens Robing Room, and the Commons Chamber along with many other behind the scenes areas of Parliament.

St James's Park, London

St James Park

If you want a break from the hour and a half long tour around the Houses of Parliament, not far away you’ll be able to find St James Park, one of the royal parks of London. Made up of 57 acres, the park was named after the leper hospital dedicated to St James. St James Park is the park which divides Westminster and Buckingham Palace and is a great stop off point between the two. Bought by Henry VIII in 1532, the park was originally used as an area to be developed for his royal dwellings. Although back in the 16th century Henry VIII used the park to keep exotic animals, it is now a more natural reserve for waterfowl and a colony of pelicans donated by the Russian ambassador back in the 17th century. The park also contains a small lake containing West Island and Duck Island whilst several other water features such as Tiffany Fountain can be found around the park.

Culture and entertainment around Whitehall

Although you may be positively worn out from your visit to St James Park and the tour around the Houses of Parliament, like much of London, there’s always more you can experience in the heart of Westminster. The Whitehall Theatre has been running since the 1930’s and still puts on a variety of different performances including Musicals, musicians and even psychic mediums! If that’s not enough to quench your culture thirst, there’s a Household Cavalry Museum. Here, visitors can watch cavalry men donned in their 18th century uniforms tend to their horses and learn about the intense training which they had to partake in.

Eating & Drinking

Eating and drinking around Whitehall

One would imagine that after such a full day you may be dying for a meal. You won’t be disappointed in Whitehall, with the Red Lion Fullers Pub just around the corner from Downing Street and often visited by Politicians. Other restaurants in the area include St Stephens Tavern and Peers Dining Hall among many others which boast the highest in classy dining among the political elite of London.