Mastering the art of choosing the perfect hotel


Staying in the right hotel for your destination is a vital first step to ensure a happy vacation. There is nothing worse than turning up to your planned accommodation after a long journey only to discover that it falls short of your expectations.

How should you go about choosing the perfect hotel?

Work out your requirements

Arguably the most important step to finding the best Accommodation near Brewery Road London City is to understand your own criteria. There are of course, the lists of ‘must-haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’.

Your ‘must-haves’ may include items such as:

•Luxurious bedding
•On-site gym or wellness centre
•Multiple dining options
•On-site restaurant that opens seven days a week
•Availability of business services or conference facilities
•Convenient location in centre of town or near tourist attractions

Nice-to-haves may include:

•Access to a bar in the evening
•Fabulous views
•Tasteful décor

What is your budget?

With the availability of online search engines, it can be tempting to select cheaper options in order to save some money. However, be wary of making compromises in this regard if your expectations are generally high, as at the end of the day, you get what you paid for.

Luxury hotels offer a complete different set of standards and facilities compared with budget alternatives. For example, a five star hotel is likely to have secondary dining, and will have at least one restaurant that is open for all meals seven days a week. It will also have additional facilities, such as a gym or a business centre. It is unlikely that anything with a lesser rating will give you access to these amenities.

Third-party travel websites

Armed with your list of requirements and a budget, you can utilise the internet to come up with some options. Make sure you use a popular site such as Tripadvisor, Expedia or, as these sites will have more hotel options and plenty of independent user reviews.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

In addition to looking at pictures on major travel sites and the hotel’s own website, try to locate photos taken by guests that actually stayed at the hotel. You can do this by using internet search engines.